Laundry Room Installation and Design

December 19, 2014 | Categories: Laundry Equipment Services

Laundry Room Installation and DesignDeciding to open an on-site self-service commercial laundry room is a positive step towards an enhanced rental experience for your tenants. Whether you own an apartment building, college dormitory, condominium complex, or other multifamily housing property, adding a laundry room solution to your premises is certain to improve lease retention rates and attract new tenants, while providing you with an organic way to increase your revenue. Creating an efficient, well-laid out laundry room design is not something you can do in an afternoon, though; it will take research, careful planning, and the help of someone with an in-depth knowledge of laundry room design. Commercial Laundries is ready to help you, with expert laundry room installation and design services that will ensure you have the ideal laundry room solution to meet your and your tenants’ needs.

At Commercial Laundries, we have more than 45 years of experience helping South Florida property owners create successful laundry room solutions. One of our knowledgeable laundry design experts will come to your property and examine the available spaces at your facility to determine the best location for your laundry room solution. We will help you assess your tenants’ laundry habits to determine the number and types of commercial washers and dryers you will need to meet their needs. Our expert laundry room design services include everything you need to create your customized laundry room solution, including suggested floor plans and layouts, sizing ratios, and our recommendations on the best laundry machines for your particular situation.

Once you make your selections from our wide inventory of card and coin operated laundry machines, Commercial Laundries’ fully trained team of skilled technicians will install them for you. While some laundry companies use sub-contractors who may not carry insurance, Commercial Laundries’ installation technicians are fully covered by our general liability and workers’ compensation insurance so there are never any liability issues. Our master technicians are well-trained and experienced at performing commercial laundry equipment installations; they will ensure all your electrical and water hookups are performed correctly to avoid the long-term problems that can develop with shoddy workmanship.

Once your laundry room is up and running, Commercial Laundries offers professional South Florida commercial washer repair to ensure your equipment performs well for years to come. We believe our customers are best served by a technician with whom they have an established rapport, so our technicians are all assigned their own territory with a specific customer list and established route. This allows them to develop the in-depth knowledge of and familiarity with each customer’s laundry room configuration.

Commercial Laundries offers flexible purchasing plans, as well as innovative laundry room leasing options that may allow you to obtain quality commercial laundry machines without having to invest your working capital. If you would like to provide your tenants with an on-site self-service laundry room but are unable to spare the time to handle operations yourself, Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Space Lease is your best choice. We will deliver and install the commercial laundry machines at no cost to you, collect the revenue generated, and send you an agreed upon amount, per our agreement. Our laundry room installation and design experts are awaiting your call!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to discover just how easy opening a self-service laundry room can be with our laundry room installation and design experts by your side!

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