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July 30, 2015 | Categories: Laundry Equipment

Laundry Equipment SolutionsDo you have a new area in your multi-housing rental property that you would like to turn into a commercial laundry facility? Maybe you have an outdated laundry area in your current business that needs revamping. Whatever the scenario, Commercial Laundries has a multitude of laundry equipment solutions for you. We take pride in being a leader in the commercial laundry industry and love to help our customers design and install the ideal laundry equipment for their needs. If you aren’t already aware, an onsite laundry facility can provide a variety of benefits. For property owners, it is a proven way to entice potential renters, increase renter retention and generate additional income. To give you an even better idea of how helpful an onsite laundry facility is for property owners, a recent National Multi-Housing Council survey showed onsite laundry areas landing in the top three of “must have” amenities according to renters.  For businesses that deal with large amount of linens or fabrics that need to be laundered, having a laundry area installed offers onsite equipment that is heavy-duty, efficient and saves you money.

During the past 45 years, we have helped a wide range of customers, properties and businesses all in need of specific laundry equipment solutions. To provide you with the equipment that is ideal for your situation, we have a massive 15,000 square foot warehouse that is full of new and used laundry equipment available for purchase or lease. With these types of options, you can find the make and model you need at the price you want. Speaking of makes and models, did we mention we only offer our customers the best? From Whirlpool to Maytag and Speed Queen, we only work with the top brands in the commercial laundry industry, as they have built a reputation for themselves as reliable, efficient and durable.

To help you find the correct laundry equipment solutions for your property, someone from our team will visit your location and analyze the area you have available and factor in your needs and budget. This information will be used to form a recommendation for the best equipment and purchase/lease options that will provide the most benefit to you and your tenants.  When it comes to specific laundry equipment, you will have numerous makes and models to choose from. Here are some of our most popular:

The Environmentally Friendly Front Loader. These are a great option for rental properties that have tenants who are conscious of the environment and saving energy, water, etc. Property owners love these pieces of equipment because they are efficient and lower energy costs, plus use less water and offer a way to make extra money. In addition, these laundry equipment solutions are ADA compliant and perfect for those with mobility issues. Easy to use and built with a wide variety of cycle options, ask a team member about purchasing or leasing these latest-technology machines.

The Ultimate Space Saver. Tight on space? We have your solution. Our stackable laundry equipment solutions are ideal for areas small on space. Half the floor space of traditional washer/dryer equipment, but capable of being just as powerful and efficient, these machines are perfect for tighter dimensions that need solid solutions for tenants.

Traditional Top Loading Equipment. Some tenants prefer more traditional type of laundry equipment solutions and this is where top loading washers come in. Top loaders have a solid reputation for being heavy duty and being able to handle large amounts of clothes at one time. These machines, new or used, are available through Commercial Laundries for purchase or lease.

Call us today to learn more about the wide variety of laundry equipment solutions that are available to you. Our skilled team members look forward to sharing each piece of equipment’s specific benefits, cost and more.

Contact Commercial Laundries now at 1.855. 254. WASH (9274).With an abundance of laundry equipment solutions in our enormous South Florida warehouse, you will find exactly what you need for your new laundry facility all under one roof!

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