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November 6, 2014 | Categories: Laundry Equipment Services

Laundry Equipment ServicesAs the owner of a busy multi-family housing property in Miami, you work hard to ensure that your property has a full list of desirable amenities and features that will attract the top quality Miami residents you want as your tenants. You realize that a self-service laundry room would be the perfect addition to your list of coveted amenities, but you just do not have the extra time to search out all the equipment and services required to establish a new laundry room. Fortunately, Commercial Laundries is here to help! As the largest family owned laundry equipment services provider in Miami and the State of Florida, Commercial Laundries has everything you need to launch a successful laundry room under one roof. With a wide selection of new and used commercial washers and dryers, flexible payment and leasing options, and an enthusiastic team of full-time, expert laundry room technicians who can install, service, and repair your laundry machines, Commercial Laundries is the one-stop solution to meet all your Miami laundry room needs!

When you partner with Commercial Laundries, opening a new laundry room is a simple, stress-free experience. Whether you have a Miami apartment building, condominium complex, or multi-family housing, Commercial Laundries’ knowledgeable laundry room experts will find the ideal location on your premises to establish a self-service laundry room. Next, we will assess your tenants to determine their laundering needs and help you select the laundry equipment makes and models that best meet your needs. Our vast inventory of new and used commercial laundry equipment services  in Miami includes:

  • Energy-Efficient Front Load Washers and Dryers, with sophisticated cycle options that handle a variety of fabrics, making them the favored choice of Miami’s upscale urbanites
  • Durable Top Load Laundry Equipment that provides simple, affordable cycles and delivers reliable performance even under constant heavy use from Miami’s roughhousing dormitory dwellers
  • Stack Dryers, petite powerhouses that can dry clothes in a  fast time and takes half the space of conventional equipment, allowing owners to offer laundry rooms even in Miami apartment buildings where space is at a premium

At Commercial Laundries, we believe that every multifamily property owner should have the chance to enjoy the benefits provided by our Miami laundry room solutions. We offer flexible purchase terms for owners who want to purchase our commercial laundry machines and several leasing options for those who prefer to preserve their working capital. With Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Equipment Lease, we will deliver and install commercial washers and dryers in your laundry room at no cost to you – you simply collect the revenue from your commercial laundry equipment and pay us an agreed upon amount. If you choose Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Space Lease, we install and repair commercial laundry machines at no cost to you, then we collect the revenue and pay you per the terms of our agreement. This lease is ideal for busy property owners who lack the extra time to manage collections at their laundry room.

Once Commercial Laundries delivers and installs your commercial washers and dryers, our skilled technicians provide expert Miami commercial laundry equipment services ensure your laundry equipment remains in continuous operation for years to come. Our laundry room experts are waiting – call today to start enjoying all the benefits our Miami laundry room solutions have to offer!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to discover just how easy opening a laundry room can be with the largest family owned laundry equipment provider in Miami!

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