Best Laundry Commercial Washer and Dryer Options

August 5, 2014 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Best Laundry Commercial Washer and Dryer OptionsAre you interested in purchasing or leasing some commercial washer and dryers for your self-service laundry room? Whether you have an existing laundry room at an apartment building, hotel, or condominium complex, or are interested in opening a new self-service laundry room on your multi-family property, your facility will benefit from having a generous selection of quality washers and dryers. As you assemble your laundry room equipment, there are available commercial laundry machine options that can make quite a difference in terms of performance, operational costs, space requirements, and more. By carefully matching the needs and laundry habits of your residents with the available laundry machine options, you can increase both the appeal and  usage of your self-service laundry room.

Commercial Laundries carries a large inventory of card operated and coin operated energy efficient commercial washers and dryers in Miami Beach from Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool. Our South Florida laundry room experts can help you select the best laundry commercial washer and dryer options for your particular laundry room facility. Our models include:

Top Load Washers and Dryers
Simple, easy to understand cycle options and the ability to use the laundry detergent of their choice make top-load washers and dryers a popular option with budget-conscious customers. Top-load laundry machines are the durable mainstays of self-service laundry rooms, able to withstand heavy use while offering reliable, affordable performance.

Front-Load Washers and Dryers
With their large front opening doors that swing wide for convenient access, and high capacity washtubs, front load washers are extremely user-friendly and able to handle your customers’ largest loads with ease. Front load washers are water- and energy-efficient, and commercial front load washers and dryers both spin at very high speeds, extracting a large volume of water so clothes dry very quickly. Offering convenience and low cost of operation, front load laundry equipment is the perfect option for laundry rooms of all sizes.

Stack Washers/Dryers
Ideal for starting a small self-service laundry room or adding functionality to an unused corner of a standard laundry room space, stack washer/dryers offer premium performance while taking up a minimum amount of space. These petite powerhouses take up half the room of conventional washers and dryers, but still provide superior cleaning power as they process loads with reduced amounts of energy, water, and time thanks to high-extraction spin speeds.

Coin-Operated Washers and Dryers
One of the most innovative laundry room options, available with many of Commercial Laundries’ coin-operated washers and dryers, is tiered pricing and plus-cycle options. Owners can set vend prices by day, time of day, water temperature, and cycle options. This option provides a unique opportunity to control traffic in your laundry room, adjusting prices to bring in residents during typically empty hours and clear congestion during the busiest laundry room times.

Card-Operated Commercial Laundry Equipment Options
Smart card laundry technology is an option that is revolutionizing self-service laundry rooms. Customers load money onto a smart card using a debit card, credit card, or cash; then they can pay for their laundry machines use with just the swipe of a card. Your residents will appreciate the convenience offered by card technology, while you reap a multitude of benefits: enhanced security, as card-operated machines are usually located in a safe central area; increased reliability, because there are no coin mechanisms to break or jam; and  higher revenue, since smart card technology gives you the opportunity to implement small, frequent price increases which residents accept easily.

Commercial Laundries is committed to offering the best commercial laundry machine options to our customers. We offer several innovative purchasing and leasing options so you can create your ideal self-service laundry room. We look forward to helping you choose the self-service laundry equipment and purchasing options that best suit your needs.

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