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February 5, 2015 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Laundry Card SystemsLaundry card systems have transformed self-service laundry rooms, making them so convenient and self-regulating that even the busiest property owners can now add them to their list of rental amenities. Before smart card technology emerged, a coin operated payment system was the only option for rental property owners who wanted to open a self-service laundry room on their premises. Operating a self-service laundry room with coin operated laundry equipment requires a certain time commitment, in order to perform associated coin collecting duties, bookkeeping chores, and the laundry room oversight needed to ensure the coin collecting apparatus remain in good working order.  When your self-service laundry room is stocked with washers and dryers that rely on Commercial Laundries’ laundry card payment system, the time commitments that come with operating a self-service laundry room just melt away – there are no coins to collect, no coin collecting apparatus to maintain, and bookkeeping duties become a breeze!

Laundry Card Payment Technology
Commercial Laundries’ complete laundry card payment system consists of smart cards, a CleanPay kiosk (central payment terminal/ value transfer machine), and control units that attach to the commercial washer and dryers. Instead of using coins or credit cards at the laundry machines, your tenants use cash or credit/debit cards to add value at the CleanPay kiosk. The kiosk puts that value on a rechargeable laundry smart card (similar to a debit card) which it then provides to your tenant. Laundry machine cycles are paid for with a quick swipe of the card. Commercial Laundries’ CleanPay laundry card systems provide our property owners with a host of valuable benefits that traditional coin operated laundry payment systems simply cannot match.

Hands-off Laundry Room Management
Smart card laundry technology eliminates the time-consuming need to collect, count, and deposit coins from all the laundry machines. Most coin-operated laundry payment equipment will require repairs over time; since coin slides can break or jam, and coin boxes can broken into, removed, or require reattachment after heavy use, owners need to examine coin operated commercial laundry equipment regularly and arrange for repairs when needed. There are no moving parts on smart card payment readers, so owners do not have to continually monitor their condition. Bookkeeping responsibilities are less time consuming, as the CleanPay kiosk provides a clear audit trail.

Improved Revenue Opportunities
Unlike coin operated laundry payment systems, which only allow owners to enact large, noticeable pricing increases of 25 cents at a time, Commercial Laundries’ smart card payment technology lets owners enact small, frequent vend increases that pass without tenant notice. You can easily regulate peak time usage with custom premium pricing schedules that allow you to adjust pricing according to time of day and day of the week – this gives you an additional revenue opportunity while increasing tenants’ satisfaction by reducing the bottlenecks and delays that can result during peak use times.

Reduced Revenue Loss
With coin operated washers and dryers, larcenous residents can steal your laundry revenue by paying for laundry cycles with slugs or foreign coins; some may steal coins directly from the coin box or even take the entire box, leaving you with lost revenue and an expensive repair bill. Smart card laundry technology removes all these avenues of revenue loss and may even enhance the safety of your tenants, since they no longer need to carry cash that can tempt thieves.

If the many benefits offered by card operated laundry equipment has you ready to open a self-service laundry room on your rental property, Commercial Laundries can help.  We offer flexible payment and leasing options, as well as a large inventory of new and used commercial laundry equipment available with your choice of laundry payment systems.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 for the innovative card operated laundry equipment that makes self-service laundry room ownership a breeze!

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