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February 12, 2015 | Categories: Laundry equipment leasing

Laundromat Equipment LeasingAre financial concerns keeping you from opening a self-service Laundromat on the premises of your rental housing property? Commercial Laundries’ Laundromat equipment leasing provides rental property owners with a convenient, affordable way to offer their tenants a self-service Laundromat without having to dip into their prudent reserves to cover the initial outlay. Whether you own an apartment building, condominium complex, college dormitory, or other multi-family property, the convenience of having an onsite self-service Laundromat will enhance your tenants’ rental experience, leading to increased rental lease retention among your current residents while providing a valuable amenity that will attract new tenants. Are you ready to discover the full range of benefits Commercial Laundries’ Laundromat equipment leasing program can bring to your property?

Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment
Commercial Laundries’ entire inventory of commercial laundry equipment is manufactured by the most reputable brands in the industry: Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Maytag. Our quality laundry machines are available with your choice of coin-operated or card-operated payment systems, whichever you prefer.  We offer a wide selection of models so you can choose the equipment that best fits your tenants’ laundry needs; choose our durable top load washers and dryers with simple, affordable cycles; our energy-efficient top load commercial laundry equipment that offers sophisticated cycles to handle various fabrics without damage; or our stack dryers that offer full size power in half the space of standard machines.

Fully Stocked Laundry Room Solution
Laundry equipment leasing is so reasonably priced that you can obtain more quality commercial washers and dryers than you might otherwise be able to afford. This allows you to equip your Laundromat with a full complement of machines, avoiding the bottlenecks that occur when laundry rooms do not have a sufficient number of washers and dryers to meet their tenants’ needs.

No Repair or Replacement Costs
Commercial Laundries’ Laundromat equipment leases require no initial capital outlay, allowing you to preserve your working capital for other purposes. When you enter into our laundry equipment lease, we will deliver and install quality commercial washers and dryers at no cost to you. When you purchase commercial laundry equipment, you are responsible for the cost of any needed repairs; with our laundry equipment lease, if the equipment needs any repairs during the life of your lease, our trained repair technicians will perform the needed repairs to the equipment and replace any non-working parts at no cost to you.

Coordinated Laundry Room Appearance
If you have an existing laundry room on your property, Commercial Laundries’ commercial laundry equipment lease will allow you to maintain an attractive, uniform laundry room look that denotes a quality laundry room solution. When you originally opened your self-service laundry room, you selected a full complement of washers and dryers that presented a coordinated, matching laundry room look. Over time, the need to replace aging equipment can destroy that coordinated look, leaving your laundry room with a mismatched, ragtag appearance. Leasing commercial washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries is so affordable that instead of replacing machines one at a time, you can completely renovate your laundry room with a full complement of matching models, allowing you to maintain a uniform look at a reasonable price.

As the largest family owned South Florida laundry equipment provider, Commercial Laundries has helped thousands of multifamily property owners improve their revenue stream by creating laundry rooms that enhance their rental property. Our laundry room experts are standing by, ready to help you create an affordable, fully stocked and functional self-service laundry room for your multifamily rental property.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to lease the commercial laundry equipment that will allow you to create the fully stocked West Palm laundry room you desire!

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