Reasons to Improve Your University Laundry Services

March 18, 2020 | Categories: Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Improve Your University Laundry Services

Keep your students happy and attract newcomers with a new and improved college laundry facility.

College is extremely competitive, not only for students but also for universities trying to attract potential pupils.   The pride you take in your university really shines through how well you take care of and maintain your campus.  Don’t let your laundry facilities be the forgotten amenity.  Students are looking for a school to pursue their education and a campus that represents a community.

By updating your college laundry, you will keep your students satisfied and save yourself money in the end.  It can also bring in additional revenue in more ways than one.  Modern and attractive amenities are at the top of students wish lists.  The benefits of modern and functional campus laundry facilities are immense and here are four reasons why.

Connect with Students and Meet their Needs

Students live in a busy technological world and its moving quickly.  Keep up with students and their needs by investing in our tech-savvy equipment from Speed Queen.  Students can stay connected through their smartphones application which includes a plethora of functions and possibilities:

  • Students can use their smartphone application from Speed Queen to pay for their laundry on campus
  • Application notifies students when washers and dryers become available, eliminating wait time
  • Students can check the status of their laundry and receive alerts when it has finished
  • The app allows facilitators to view student usage and promote their facility with reward plans and discounts
  • Students can easily send services messages to let facility know when there is an issue with a machine, saving you time

Lower Utility Costs and Save Money

With limited funds and budget cuts left and right don’t throw away money you don’t have.  Old, outdated equipment may be costing you big time.  Just because a washer or dryer is still running doesn’t mean it is functioning efficiently.  Outdated equipment may be struggling to perform as it did in its heyday, requiring more energy to get the job done.  Older machines also don’t run as efficiently as newer models, consuming more water and energy and producing more waste.  Upgrade to our newer, High Efficiency washers and dryers which are more eco-friendly and kinder on your wallet.

  • HE washers use at least 50% less water than conventional models
  • Using less water means they require less energy to heat water and operate
  • Washing machines have faster spin cycles which extract more water and moisture, requiring less time in the dryer

All our equipment at Commercial Laundries Orlando is Energy Star certified, ensuring that they reach the highest standards of energy-efficiency.  Have a peak at our HE washers and dryers from our acclaimed manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and more.

Revenue Opportunities

Upgraded campus laundry equipment will not only save you money but it can also generate additional revenue.  Outdated college laundry facilities may be warding off your students and causing them to go elsewhere for their laundry needs.  Don’t let local laundry companies reap the benefit of your faulty facilities.  With a modern and functional laundry room, your students will be more inclined to use the convenient machines located in their dorm.  New and updated equipment will increase student satisfaction, keeping them on campus and also attract prospective students.

Remember, students aren’t the only ones competing for a slot in your university, you are also competing with other schools for incoming students.  As potential students visit your beautiful campus and see all you have invested in the library, communal areas and athletic facilities don’t disappoint them with subpar college laundry.  When students see the pride you take in your campus they can envision themselves as part of your community.

Leasing your Commercial Laundry is a Game Changer

It may seem like a big upfront cost when you switch out old machines for newer ones but with Commercial Laundries Orlando, that does not have to be the case.  Here we have competitive leasing programs that will help you with your initial expenses and save you on maintenance and repair costs.  The best part is that with our leasing programs, service and maintenance is complementary.  This means you won’t have to deal with the headaches associated with equipment maintenance nor the frustrations of unexpected repair costs when you lease with us.  Did we mention that our leasing program is also tax deductible? Additionally, we can help offload your old equipment by purchasing your unwanted machines.  These funds can go towards new machines in your modern campus laundry facility.

Start outfitting your campus laundry facilities today by contacting our Commercial Laundries Orlando team at (407) 986-1410 and stay connected with us on social media and leave us a review online!

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