How to Upgrade Your Laundry Facilities on a Limited Budget

October 28, 2019 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Laundry Equipment , Orlando

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Learn tips on how to perk up your on-site laundry facility.

Does your on-site laundry facility need an upgrade? You may be surprised to discover that just changing a few things, like your laundry room plan, can make a great improvement.

Laundry facilities function best when there is a calculated laundry room plan in operation. Learn how you can create upscale laundry facilities by following some of our laundry room tips:

1. If you are creating a new laundry room, it is best to locate it on the ground floor away from the main entrances, lobbies, and other primary locations.

Dimensions for your new on-site laundry facility should take into account how many machines you will need to adequately supply laundry services, and also allow for some work area behind machines for maintenance and repair services.

2. To provide easy access to all areas in on-site laundry facilities, you should take into account how much room is needed when laundry machine doors are opened.

3. Laundry machines should be properly secured to the ground or platform, and electrical outlets, gas outlets, dryer vents, water hoses, and drainage, should also be accurately connected. Laundry facilities should be compliant with building codes and safety regulations.

4. If there is enough area in your facility, you may want to add a storage area or folding tables.

5. Laundry facilities should have a suitable floor plan that allows for an easy flow of traffic within the facility, and also at the entrance and exit.

There should be enough room in front of laundry equipment for two people to bypass each other.

6. You should also make sure that your laundry room plan includes proper air ventilation, and humidity is kept to a minimum.

7. To create an attractive and inviting on-site laundry facility, you can use a pleasant paint color on the walls and perhaps hang some pictures too.

All laundry service signs should be intentionally displayed where everyone can see them.

8. Streamlined commercial laundry facilities usually have new, matching machines that make an eye-catching presence, and create an upscale feel.

9. A good laundry room plan also takes into account practical flooring that is attractive, easy to keep clean, and is not slippery.

10. Income-producing options for laundry facilities can include adding vending machines that provide laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, etc.

You may also want to add vending machines that sell water, drinks, and snacks as an extra service to your clientele.

11. Depending on the shape of your on-site laundry facility, you can place laundry machines:
• In long rows
• In L-shaped configurations
• In multiple rows of 4 to 6 machines

12. The best way to upgrade laundry facilities is to add premium, high-performance commercial laundry equipment that meets high industry standards and client expectations.

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Upgrade Your Commercial Laundry Facilities

At Commercial Laundries, you can find exceptional laundry equipment at affordable prices. We have front and top-loading makes and models that are available in a card or coin-operated formats.

Our laundry designers can help you create a functional laundry room plan, and also explain the difference in laundry machines so that you can select the ideal equipment for your type of laundry business.

By evaluating your laundry facility area, our team can show you how to maximize space and create a functional and pleasing on-site laundry room.

Some types of businesses that we serve include residential and commercial properties, healthcare, educational and industrial facilities, restaurants and hospitality, etc.

We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. For more information about our laundry room plans for commercial laundry facilities, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at 407-986-1410.

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