How to Upgrade Commercial Laundry Machines

September 23, 2020 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines and Equipment

Increase your laundry facilities value when you upgrade commercial laundry machines with Commercial Laundries.

How to Upgrade Commercial Laundry Machines

In the last couple of years, commercial laundry machine manufacturers have made incredible strides with their innovative features and technology.  Upgrading your facility to newer more modern machines has many benefits for both property managers and their tenants.  Technological advancements have made the chore of doing laundry and monitoring your laundry facility easier, more convenient, and less time consuming.  Upgrade commercial laundry machines in your facility with one of Commercial Laundries affordable buying or leasing options.

New Commercial Laundry Technology to Upgrade Your Laundry Facility

Updated equipment lets you keep up with the times and your competition.  Here at Commercial Laundries, our modern washers and dryers make laundry a breeze through technology.  Your residents are looking for an easy way to do their laundry and you don’t want them searching elsewhere to get it done.  Our advanced machines give you more control over your facility than your conventional machines.  They give you the possibility to have multiple payment options, monitor your facility remotely, permit your tenants to connect to machines, and they are more affordable to repair and replace down the line.

Reasons to Upgrade Commercial Laundry Machines

Cashless Payment Systems

With an upgraded payment system, you incorporate a cashless or hybrid laundry room where you give your patrons with our card-operated equipment.  You will be amazed by just how many benefits there are with the elimination or decrease of coins in your laundry facility.  Auditing is made easier with automated systems.  Security naturally increases with the absence of cash.  Patron satisfaction is boosted as more of their needs are being met. 

With the introduction of a cashless mobile payment system, your tenants won’t have to mess with coins or laundry cards.  They simply download the Laundryvalue application, load funds on their account with their credit or debit card, and scan the machine they would like to use via Bluetooth.  Laundry has never been made easier or cleaner with cashless payment systems.

Innovative Technological Advancements

All of our innovative equipment is manufactured by the most noteworthy and trusted companies, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.  Their groundbreaking machines offer the most sophisticated features available on the market, a multitude of wash cycles, advanced high spin speeds to extract more water and reduce moisture, and robust stainless steel washtubs for high performance.  Their advanced systems allow your tenants to connect to machines they are using to track their laundry’s progress through alerts and receive notifications on available machines.     

Easier to Monitor Facility, Usage, and Revenue

Technological developments in commercial laundry equipment have made laundry facility management a cinch.  Access your machines and your facility remotely through our Laundryvalue app or online.  There you can view your patrons’ usage and use the data to offer discounts and promotions and evaluate what is and isn’t working in your laundry room.  With a cashless system, all your revenue is calculated automatically and accurately, allowing you to view your earnings as they are coming in.  When you upgrade commercial laundry machines, they offer you full transparency over your operation.

Simple to Replace or Repair

As new upgrades are constantly being made, older models are becoming more obsolete and expensive to repair.  Replacement parts are often more costly as they are slowly being faded out of circulation.  Updated equipment is easier to repair and less expensive.

Benefits of Upgrading with Commercial Laundries

Upgrade commercial laundry machines with Commercial Laundries and reap the advantages of working with the leading supplier in central and southern Florida.  Here we have many economical solutions to suit your budget and get your laundry facility updated.  When you purchase or lease equipment with us, all delivery and installation are free.  We also offer the removal of your outdated equipment at no extra cost.  Equipment that is in good shape or that can be used for parts can be sold to us to offer a bit of return and funding for your new fleet of washers and dryers. 

Our competitive buying and leasing prices set us apart from the competition.  Lease premium laundry equipment and receive complimentary service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease to help manage your facility and keep it running at peak performance.

Commercial Laundries is here to help you upgrade commercial laundry machines in your facility and give you the competitive edge you have been searching for.  Contact us today at, (855) 254-9274 to get started.

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