How to Setup Cashless Laundry Rooms

Setup cashless laundry rooms for convenience and peace of mind for you and your residents.

Setup Cashless Laundry Rooms

There are many benefits to cashless laundry systems, now more than ever.  Cashless or electronic laundry transactions offer an array of convenience to property managers and users and it is a wise way to encourage contactless practices amidst COVID-19 concerns.  Mobile app laundry payment system equipment is an easy way for patrons to pay for their laundry using Bluetooth communications.  Give your tenants, guests, or employees the ability to pay for and connect with their laundry through Commercial Laundries’ Laundryvalue app.

Why Go Cashless

Today, cash is becoming more and more obsolete.  Not only do most people prefer to pay with a card, but most of the time it is their only option.   Our mobile payment laundry app isn’t only helpful to your tenants, but it will also make your job a lot easier. 

By omitting the chore of counting coins, you will notice how much time you are able to free up and dedicate to other areas of your property.  With automatic auditing, you are constantly aware of your profits and you eliminate the possibility of human error and theft.  You are also able to increase your revenues with more control over your pricing. 

Upselling different cycles and wash load sizes is a cinch with a mobile payment laundry app.  Consumers are more inclined to pay more and upgrade their wash cycles when they are paying electronically.  Setup cashless laundry rooms for a more reliable system for you and a more hygienic option for your residents in these unusual times.

How it Works

Coinless laundry systems can easily be set up in your laundry facility by one of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians.  From there, your tenants, guests, or employees will be able to use their smartphone to pay for their laundry usage.  Our user friendly Laundryvalue app gives your patrons a smart and easy way to contactless payment solutions.  By downloading and registering the application, they can easily upload their credit or debit card information and get started.  Simply start the machine via Bluetooth, scan the QR code, or enter the machine identification number.  The Laundryvalue app even lets customers connect to your machines and monitor the status of their laundry. Doing and paying for laundry has never been easier.

Why Your Patrons Will Appreciate It

We are living in a technological world.  Your patrons are already used to using their credit/debit card and smartphones to pay for practically everything.  Rustling up coins to do laundry is not on everyone’s short list of conveniences.  Your mobile app laundry payment system equipment broadens your market and allows your tenants or guests to choose a method of payment they are comfortable with.  Especially today with COVID-19, consumers are concerned about their safety and health.  With contactless payment options your patrons will feel more comfortable and appreciate your attention to their needs.

How to Get Started

To set up cashless laundry rooms call on the professionals at Commercial Laundries.  Our technicians will have your mobile app laundry payment system equipment set up in no time at all.  And best of all, our mobile payment laundry app is comprehensive and easy to use.  

Many people are doing the best they can to social distance and stay safe and many businesses are taking this into consideration and offering different forms of contactless services.  Why should your laundry facility be any different?  Show your patrons you care and setup cashless laundry rooms.  Contact Commercial Laundries at, (855) 254-9274 for more information and to get started on your mobile app laundry payment system equipment today.

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