How to Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment for My Property

January 25, 2021 | Categories: Laundry equipment leasing , Orlando

lease commercial laundry equipment for my property

If you are asking yourself how to lease commercial laundry equipment for my property, there is a lot of information out there that may start to feel overwhelming.  With the right commercial laundry suppliers by your side, you will get all the information you need, matched with the perfect equipment for your facility.

Giving your tenants the best on-site laundry amenity that will boost their satisfaction and make your property more attractive.  Buying your equipment will give you full independence, however, it also comes with a lot of unforeseen costs.  With the many leasing options for commercial laundry equipment out there, you can get premium equipment at a manageable monthly rate with no surprises.  Here is how to lease commercial laundry equipment on your property and some of the many benefits.

Team Up with a Trustworthy Commercial Laundry Supplier

There are many leasing options for commercial laundry equipment when you work with a reliable distributor.  Having someone you can trust on your side when you are making such an important decision is all you need to ensure you are headed in the right direction.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we pride ourselves on our quality equipment and long-standing relationships with our clients. With nearly fifty years in the community, we are known for our dependability and superior products and services.

Get Top Quality Commercial Grade Washers and Dryers

Making a big purchase for an on-premises laundry facility can be daunting and costly.  This is why many property managers often make the mistake of cutting corners and buying inferior equipment not fit for every day, constant usage.  They may save on initial costs, but they will end up paying in the end for repairs and early replacements.  When you lease your commercial washers and dryers with Commercial Laundries Orlando you will get commercial-grade, premium equipment that will stand the test of time and use of your residents.  All our machines are robustly built and designed by our world-renowned manufacturers.  Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool are known for their advanced engineering and innovative features that will deliver on performance.

Quick and Free Delivery and Installation

Setting up a laundry amenity is often pricey and can cost about $1,000 per machine.  But when you lease your washers and dryers you will get free delivery and professional installation from our skilled technicians.  All electrical cords, filters, hoses, and connectors are included in your install, saving you a lot in connection prices.

Receive Complimentary Service and Maintenance

Lease commercial laundry equipment for your property and get free service and maintenance for the duration of your lease.  With upkeep being of the utmost importance, you won’t have to worry about routine servicing or unexpected repairs, as all of those responsibilities will be covered by one of our reliable technicians.

Rely on Skilled Technicians to Repair and Service Your Equipment

There will come a day and time when one of your machines is on the fritz.  When it comes to your equipment being down, we know there is no time to lose.  That is why we guarantee same day or next day repair.  Our skilled techs are well versed in all types of machines and will be able to take care of your issue right then and there.  With access to our large, fully stocked warehouse, you will never have to wait for a replacement part to come in.  Get thorough and quick equipment repairs when you team up with us at Commercial Laundries Orlando.

Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment for My Property with Commercial Laundries Orlando

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have many leasing options for commercial laundry equipment to meet any budget.  Choose from any one of our top-of-the-line machines and customize your lease program to best suit your individual needs.  Contact us today at, (407) 986-1410  to get started and lease commercial laundry equipment for your property.

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