How to Find the Best Commercial Washing Machines

May 19, 2021 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines and Equipment

How to Find the Best Commercial Washing Machines

Lease or buy commercial washers and dryers from your local commercial laundry distributor to find the best equipment and suit all your laundry and property needs. Let’s look at what features make the best commercial washing machines for your facility.

When it comes to finding the best commercial washing machines, knowing what you are on the lookout for beforehand will certainly help.  Know what type of machines you are interested in and what payment option route you would like to go in.  Evaluate the needs and wishes of your residents to help you make final decisions on machine features and capacities.  Above all, ensure that you are working with a provider that will give you the best quality commercial washing machines and the most supportive services to help protect your investment and keep your operation running successfully.

Search for a Supplier that is Local, Trustworthy, and Full Service

Choosing your commercial washing machines for your onsite laundry facility will come easier when you team up with a reputable distributor in your area.  Keep in mind, it is good to have your commercial laundry supplier local for when any concerns may arise or new equipment is needed.  Partner with someone that has a good reputation for their quality equipment and supportive services.  One that has experience and their own in-house technicians that can assist you quickly with service, maintenance, and repairs.

Choose Dependable Equipment from Well-Know Manufacturers

Never settle for less than the best.  Lease or buy commercial washers and dryers that are full commercial-grade machines, built for longevity and the rough treatment of everyday use.  Cheaper, inferior models may save you on the price tag in the beginning, but will come at big costs down the line and will only give you a few good years.  With more maintenance and repair costs, you will not be saving anything in the end.  Pick machines from a name that you know and trust, such as Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, to get the most out of your buck.

Have Quick and Reliable Repair Services on Call

Purchasing is never your final step when it comes to making decisions for your equipment and your facility.  You must always plan and have a course of action for when trouble arises.  Partnering up with a commercial laundry distributor that has reliable and speedy repair services will give you peace of mind to know that you are not at it alone and you will always have someone to call for back up.

Pair Your Equipment with a Service and Maintenance Plan to Help Maintain Your Commercial Washing Machines

Proper maintenance and upkeep are a must and a job that comes with many responsibilities.  With all that you have on your plate, it will be helpful to have a team of professionals checking on your equipment here and there.  Work with a company that has efficient service and maintenance plans for you to enroll in, to help manage your machines and facility.

Lease or Buy Commercial Washers and Dryers

Whatever you are in the market for, we are here to help at Commercial Laundries.  Buy commercial washers and dryers at our competitive and affordable rates, or lease your equipment with our budget-friendly, tax-deductible leasing program.  When you lease commercial laundry with us, you will get all the perks of brand-new, top-quality equipment without all the upfront costs.  You will even receive free service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease.

The best commercial washing machines in Florida are only one quick phone call away.  Contact Commercial Laundries at, (855) 254-9274 to get your hands on the best commercial washing machines at the most affordable prices.

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