How to Establish a Laundry Card System for Your Facility

laundry card system

Upgrade your facility with an advanced laundry card system from Commercial Laundries.

Create a successful and progressive commercial laundry card system with credit card operated laundry machines.

Don’t be left behind in yesteryear’s mindset when you can bring new laundry card system technology to the forefront and reap the rewards.

The introduction of laundry card system technology is changing how patrons prefer to pay for their laundry services. Plus, laundry card reader systems also benefit laundry business owners too.

Credit Card Operated Laundry Machines

Our credit card operated laundry machines will prove to be an asset to your business, and serve you well for many years to come.

Some of the many benefits that you receive from a laundry card system include:

• A simple and convenient payment system that uses a personal laundry card, with a laundry card reader that is located on laundry machines. Once the laundry card reader records the data on the personal laundry card, the laundry machine will be engaged for use.

• The laundry card acts like a debit card. Each laundry transaction places a debit on the laundry card for the fee of the laundry service.

• The laundry fee is automatically collected and sent to your business account. There is no need to collect coins from machines or worry about finding tampered coin vaults.

• When a patron needs to add credit to their laundry card, they can do so by using cash, or a credit/debit card, at the CleanPay Kiosk terminal located in your laundry facility.

• All laundry transactions that take place in your facility will be electronically recorded and stored for future accounting tasks.

• Price changes can be made in smaller increments, instead of one quarter at a time with coin-operated formats.

• Your laundry card system can also help you manage high traffic days, enabling you to create special pricing schedules for peak and off-peak days and hours.

By offering a lower laundry service fee on off-days, you can manage traffic and help to avoid bottlenecks where patrons are waiting to use your laundry equipment.

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Converting to a Card System

You can begin using a laundry card reader system by replacing worn machines with our credit card operated laundry machines.

You can purchase our premium laundry equipment at competitive prices, or you can opt to lease our laundry equipment. We make it easy for you to upgrade your laundry facility with new laundry card reader systems.

We carry an impressive line of credit card operated laundry machines built by world-famous manufacturers like Whirlpool, Miele, Speed Queen, Maytag, etc.

All of our card operated laundry equipment is Energy Star certified to deliver substantial savings in water, gas and electric costs.

Our laundry machines are designed to reduce waste, and use energy intelligently and efficiently, providing you with a reduction in operating costs.

You can appreciate that our credit card operated laundry machines are durably built with solid construction for sustainability.

Advanced engineering provides progressive suspension, agitation, and extraction systems that operate efficiently and deliver a cleaner, drier laundry outcome. If you need to maximize space in a small area, we also carry space-saving stackable laundry equipment.

We employ a great team of professional mechanics and technicians who are highly capable of meeting all your laundry machines requirements.

Some of the services that we provide include delivery and installation of laundry equipment, removal of old machines, maintenance and repair services, affordable service contracts, and Utility Assessment Reports.

We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. Move into the future and install a new laundry card system in your facility by contacting Commercial Laundries today at 855-254-9274.

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