How Commercial Laundry Services Can Help Your Business

March 30, 2020 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Orlando

How Commercial Laundry Services Can Help Your Business

Dependable and innovative commercial laundry services will help boost client satisfaction and your profits.

Running a business in all its complexities can be hard work.  Why not make part of your business work for you for a change?  With commercial laundry services you can increase your profits and gain more satisfaction among your patrons.  Whether you run a multi-housing complex, college campus, RV park or campground, you can always afford to increase productivity on your property and your revenue.  Are you looking to start a new laundry facility or upgrade an existing one?  Whatever boat you are in, Commercial Laundries Orlando is here to help.  We have top quality, innovative machines that you can depend on and an experienced team of technicians to help you along the way.

Additional Revenue

Operating a business that focuses on accommodating individuals comes with a lot of responsibility.  Aside from the day to day necessities, you must also focus on managing amenities and keeping your tenants happy.  An on-site commercial laundry service will offer your occupants some much needed convenience and give you a bit of extra revenue.  Your tenants will appreciate the ease of doing laundry at home in your modern laundry room.

Laundry amenity is an excellent way to gain some extra profits.  Why let your local laundromats take profits that are easily yours?  By having a laundry room in your complex, your renters with will be content and you are more likely to attract new tenants to your property.  On-site laundry is at the top of everyone’s ‘must have’ list.  The same goes for students living on campus.  Students are looking for a campus that can give them the comforts and conveniences of home.  A new and functional laundry room is just the ticket.

Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment

A commercial laundry service is just as good as its machines.  Functional and reliable equipment is a must.  Update your dated machines with equipment that is efficient and dependable.  Commercial Laundries Orlando supplies washers and dryers from acclaimed manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.  All machines are high-efficiency and will save you and your business a lot on utilities.  These energy efficient machines are built with advanced systems that consume 30% less energy and 50% less water, making them eco and wallet friendly.  By outputting less waste and consuming less resources, they will end up saving you a lot on utility costs.

Innovative Commercial Washers and Dryers

Technology is all around us and we use it every day in one way or another.  Technological advancement is meant to make our lives easier and more convenient; this goes the same for laundry equipment.  With today’s innovations in washers and dryers, doing your laundry is fool proof, with the right tools.  Machines nowadays are built with advanced systems that automatically detect and weigh laundry, to determine load size and how much water to use.  Spin cycles now rotate at high speeds to extract more water and moisture to decrease drying time and energy costs.

Our tech-savvy equipment from Speed Queen allows your tenants to stay connected with your commercial laundry service through an interactive smartphone application that notifies users when a machine has become available and sends alerts when their laundry has finished.  Tenants can also send you or your technicians notifications when there is an issue with a machine, saving you time and energy.

Card Operated Washing Machines

Card operated machines are a great convenience to add to your new or improved commercial laundry service.  Many people use credit/debit cards for their everyday purchases, including laundry.  Your tenants can easily add more funds to their accounts using the CleanPayKiosk located in your laundry room.  The lack of cash or coins will save you even more time, not having to audit machines.  Your funds are directly added to your account for extra ease.  Additionally, you will be able to track your patrons machine usage and offer promotions to help increase revenue.  Pricing is also a cinch, allowing you to easily adjust machine prices for different laundry cycles or days of the week.  The possibilities are immense and the benefits even more so.


A commercial laundry service can help your business in more ways than one.  Contact our team today at (407) 986-1410 to talk about your options and opportunities when you buy or lease with Commercial Laundries Orlando.

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