Go Cashless with Card Operated Commercial Laundry Equipment

November 29, 2021 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Go Cashless with Card Operated Commercial Laundry Equipment

Convert your machines to cashless laundry equipment and reap the benefits of a coin-free laundry facility.

Boost patron traction, satisfaction, and profits by simply adding a cashless payment system to your onsite laundry amenity.  Your residents and customers will appreciate the upgrades to your facility and relish in the convenience of cashless commercial washers and dryers. And as a property owner or manager, benefit from the ease of cashless laundry equipment by saving time, increasing security, and gaining transparency into your laundry business.  Best of all, affordable card-operated commercial equipment is obtainable and easy to install with your neighbors at Commercial Laundries.

Discover the Advantages of Cashless Laundry Equipment

Having an onsite laundry amenity for your residents and guests is an advantage in itself, and incorporating card-operated dryers and washers will only add to its value.  With the preferred method of payment these days being the card or mobile payments, you will be catering to the needs and preferences of your tenants, all the while making your job easier.  Not needing cash or coins on laundry day will be a relief for your customers and research shows, that when card payments are used, spending averages increase.  Additionally, reducing or eliminating coins in your facility is a simple way to increase security and minimize the risk of theft or counterfeit.  Property owners will also enjoy the benefits of cashless commercial washers and dryers for their remote access.  Quickly and easily view your profits, track customer habits, adjust prices, and offer discounts from the comfort of your office or home.

Work with a Dependable Commercial Laundry Supplier to Guide You in Going Cashless

Card-operated washers and dryers are easy to incorporate into your current facility or a new amenity.  When you work with professionals in the field, you can transform your business in no time.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have an array of dependable card-operated dryers and washers from reputable manufactures to choose from.  Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen are known for their robust equipment and their innovative features.  And with their user-friendly controls, your residents will quickly adapt to your new system with ease.  Simply choose from our affordable card-operated commercial equipment selection and our expert team will have your new laundry payment system operating quickly and efficiently.

Incorporate a Hybrid System to Satisfy a Wider Customer Base

Converting your coin-op machines to cashless card-operated washers and dryers is a great way to increase your profits and customer loyalty.  But for even more of a boost, consider offering a hybrid payment system to reach more of your residents.  A mobile laundry payment app is easy to use and affordable to install.  Residents simply download the laundry app, create an account, and scan the machine they wish to use.  For even more convenience, your card-operated dryers and washers and your laundry app will allow your customers to gain access to the machine they are using, track the time they have left, and find available machines from anywhere inside or outside your facility.  Give your residents and yourself the comfort and simplicity of cashless commercial washers and dryers.

Find Affordable Card Operated Commercial Equipment with Your Neighborhood Laundry Supplier

Commercial Laundries wants to make card-operated washers and dryers accessible to all and for that reason, we have multiple purchasing and leasing options to meet any budget.  Our new and used commercial laundry equipment is competitively priced and includes all different models and machine types.  To save even more and have an expert eye on your business, lease your commercial laundry equipment and gain the support of our professional team with free service and maintenance.

Get your cashless card-operated dryers and washers with the help of our attentive team at Commercial Laundries.  Give us a call today at, (855) 254-9274 to get started.

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