Fort Myers Commercial Laundry Equipment Buying Guide

April 25, 2019 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , fort myers , Laundry Equipment

Fort Myers commercial laundry equipmentGet the best commercial laundry equipment in Fort Myers.

Do you want to take your commercial laundry facility to the next level? Making an investment in Fort Myers commercial laundry equipment can be a substantial undertaking. To assure that you are making a wise investment decision, it is important that you get the facts about the products you purchase. Here at Commercial Laundries in Fort Myers, we invest in you – our client – and want you to feel comfortable about your purchases.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment Buying Guide

Our sales representatives are available to answer all your questions, and explain the differences in machine models. Our dedicated staff can also tell you how you can take better care of your laundry equipment, so that you can get many years of excellent service. We have also prepared our Fort Myers commercial laundry equipment buying guide to give you some basic guidelines:

  1. To begin, you should determine what type of laundry equipment is best suited to your laundry business. If you have a laundry facility at your multi-housing property, you need laundry equipment that can handle consistent daily use. To serve your tenants well, you should have large capacity front loading machines, besides top loaders that provide intense agitation for a deeper clean. You may also want to add some ADA compliant laundry equipment that provides easy-access for the handicapped community.
  2. Here at Commercial Laundries, you can select commercial laundry equipment in coin or card operated formats. Our coin op machines have easy-slide coin access that is designed to reject slugs and foreign money, and the large capacity coin vaults are built to resist tampering, damage and theft. Our card op laundry equipment has advanced card technology that electronically records all transactions for easy bookkeeping, and also allows price changes in smaller increments.
  3. Another important feature when purchasing commercial laundry equipment is to know the lifespan of each machine you purchase. The lifespan of commercial machines is based on how many laundry cycles they can perform before breaking down. It is estimated that good quality machines can perform about 5,000 cycles, and high-end laundry equipment can perform about 8,000 cycles. To keep your machines in good working order they should be regularly maintained. This will ease stresses and excess wear and tear on machine parts, improving their lifespan expectancy and avoiding breakdowns. Our service department performs maintenance and repair services, and we offer a variety of affordable service contracts.
  4. A successful commercial laundry business is dependent on having durable and efficient laundry equipment. Look for laundry machines that are durably built with solid construction and metal components. At Commercial Laundries, we carry sturdy laundry products that are equipped with industrial grade drums, hinges, belts, and gaskets, that provide smooth precision and sustainability. All of our laundry machines have been rigorously tested to meet the high standards set by their respective manufacturer and also the commercial laundry industry.
  5. When shopping for laundry equipment, be sure to choose Energy Star certified commercial laundry machines. Energy Star assures that you are receiving energy efficient machines that can save you money in high utilities costs. Energy Star products can reduce water usage by up to 50 percent, and hot water usage by up to 30 percent annually. These cost-effective machines reduce waste and conserve thousands of gallons of precious water each year.

Another important consideration when purchasing commercial laundry equipment, is to do business with a reputable commercial laundry vendor. We are a leading laundry vendor in Florida, serving all types of laundry facilities across the state. Beside offering premium commercial laundry products, we also provide many valuable services that will assist you in operating a successful laundry business.

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