Fort Myers Coin Operated Washer and Dryer

Excite Future Tenants with Fort Myers Coin Operated Washer and Dryer

Fort Myers Coin Operated Washer and DryerFort Myers is a beautiful city with a large population of people living in condominiums and apartment rentals. For those of you who may own or manage one of these condominium complexes or multi-housing rentals in the area, you know how important an onsite commercial laundry facility is to your tenants and patrons. They rely on your facility because it is a convenient and dependable way for them to accomplish their laundry tasks. Having onsite Fort Myers coin operated washer and dryer in your Fort Myer property saves tenants from traveling offsite to do their laundry. The convenience this amenity offers tenants is one of their highest priorities when searching for a new rental apartment, and it is also an important asset for tenant retention.

Because onsite laundry facilities offer your tenants a great service and is an important amenity, it would be wise to consider installing an on-site laundry area if you do not currently have one. There has been an overall increase in rental housing across the country with a greater need for laundry facilities, so if your building is located in a commercially zoned area you could take advantage of that leverage.

Commercial Laundries is an industry leader in the Florida commercial laundry sector, serving the city of Fort Myers. We carry a full line of new and used coin operated washers and dryers from such noted manufacturers as Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. These brands offer the latest technology in energy efficiency and are Energy Star rated to save you money in gas, electric, sewer and water costs. Our machines are built to last with solid, durable construction to withstand the daily rigors of constant use.

Fort Myers commercial washing machines are a wise choice for your tenants because they are easy to use and you can alter the pay-per-load price at any time. You may want to consider top loaders for your facility because they are the workhorses of the industry. One of our sales representatives can explain the difference between styles and models, and what would work best for your facility needs. Our top loaders also offer water and energy savings options, and are available in electro-mechanical controls that will re-start the machine after a power surge or outage. Most on-premise laundry facilities carry a range of different machine models for their tenants to choose from, and we also carry stackables for areas with a limited amount of space.

Our goal here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers is to provide you with solutions for all your laundry facility needs, from coin operated washing machines in Fort Myers to card operated equipment. We offer coin laundry machines for sale or lease, and work within your budget to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. To learn more about Fort Myers coin operated washer and dryer contact Commercial Laundries today at 239-307-0623.

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