Fort Myers Card Operated Washing Machines

December 9, 2016 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment , fort myers

Find the most affordable, top tier Fort myers card operated washing machines for your Southwest Florida property

Fort Myers Card Operated Washing MachinesIf you would like to upgrade your commercial laundry facility you should consider Fort Myers card operated washing machines. Card operated laundry machines offer many benefits that you and your patrons can enjoy. Your patrons will like using the new card operated washing machines because it eliminates the need to collect and carry quarters with you to do your laundry. The card is easy to use and can be credited with an increase in capital by using the CleanPay Kiosk System located in your laundry facility. All transaction information is stored on the microprocessor chip that is imbedded in the card, and the cost of each transaction will be debited to the card. Your patrons will love the simplicity of using our Fort Myers card operated washing machines, and you will be upgrading your laundry facility and making it safer with this new technology.

Commercial Laundries is a leader in the Florida commercial laundry sector, and we offer commercial laundry machines for sale in Fort Myers. You can purchase a new or used washer and dryer from us, or select one of our popular lease option programs. We can customize a lease option that will work well with your budget and laundry needs, or you can purchase laundry machines from us. We carry a large selection of dependable and efficient commercial laundry equipment by such popular manufacturers as Whirlpool, Speed Queen and Maytag. These machines were designed and built to withstand the daily wear and tear that they receive in a commercial or multi-housing property laundry facility. And, with so many options of commercial laundry machines available to you, we believe you will be pleased you with our expert Fort Myers team.

We understand the necessity of having dependable and cost-effective laundry equipment to successfully operate your laundry facility. All of our commercial laundry machines for sale in Fort Myers are Energy Star rated to conserve energy and save you money on water, gas and electric costs. Our machines are also DOE compliant for ease of use to the handicapped community. Business owners love the extra savings they will receive by selecting our new or used washers and dryers. Commercial Laundries services many different types of residential and commercial companies in the Florida area, and one of our sales representatives can help you select which type of machines would work best to suit your laundry needs.

If you own or manage a multi-housing rental property or business with on-site laundry needs, our Fort Myers card operated washing machines and dryers are a good choice for your business. If you manage a hotel, senior housing, hospital or other type of business that depends on daily clean laundry, one of our sales representatives can help you select which type of machines are best suited to your user’s specific needs. We carry top quality commercial laundry machines for sale in Fort Myers from such famous brands as Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. Our card operated washing machines come in front or top loaders and we also carry stackables for facilities with a limited amount of space.

Commercial Laundries employs and insures all of our mechanics and technicians, who must attend continuing education classes to remain at the forefront of our industry. When you partner with us, a technician will be assigned to your facility. We offer quality services that include delivery, installation, facility assessment, maintenance and repair services. Your technician will make regular maintenance visits to your facility to keep your machines operating at their maximum potential. This will save you money by eliminating excess waste, improving cost-effective energy usage and improving laundry performance. We are committed to helping you achieve a successful laundry facility operation.

To learn more about our new and used washers and dryers contact Commercial Laundries today at 239-307-0623.

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