Finding The Best Card Operated Washers and Dryers for Multi-family Housing

November 19, 2021 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Card Operated Washers and Dryers for Multi-family Housing

Get the best card-operated laundry for multi-family housing when you team up with an established and dependable commercial laundry distributor.

Having a card-operated washer and dryer amenity comes with many advantages for both property owners and residents.  But before you begin your search for a card op washer and dryer for your onsite laundry facility, have an idea of what you should be looking for.  First, always choose quality commercial-grade equipment to get the most longevity and make the best investment.  Additionally, be prepared and take good care of your machines with a service and maintenance program for protection.  And finally, when it comes to your laundry amenity, work with a trustworthy commercial laundry supplier to ensure you get all these things and so much more.  Identify your main priorities and contact a reliable commercial laundry company near you to get started.

Advantages of a Card Operated Washer and Dryer

A card op washer and dryer facility is a wise investment and will prove to be beneficial right off the bat.  Not only will you boost your resident satisfaction and attract potential new tenants, but you will find that a successful facility can generate quite a bit of extra revenue.  A card-operated washer and dryer is also easy to manage and won’t add too much extra responsibility to your plate.  Cashless laundry systems offer property owners remote access to their machines and real-time reports about how their business is doing.  As for your residents, they will appreciate a convenient cashless option in this ever-growing digital world.

What is the Best Card Operated Laundry for Multi Family Housing?

When it comes to choosing the washer and dryer for apartments and multi-family housing, always choose quality, commercial-grade equipment.  These machines are the best option for high-traffic amenities and are built to withstand the demands of everyday use.  They are also constructed to last longer and deliver a cleaner laundry result.  Take a gander at commercial machines from Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, to discover some of the best card-operated laundries for multi-family housing on the market.

Where to a Find Card Op Washer and Dryer that You Can Trust?

When it comes to purchasing or leasing your equipment, we always recommend you go with someone local.  Someone who will be close by should you ever have an issue or concern about one of your machines.  Shopping local will not only get you the best support for your laundry facility, but it may also help you save significantly on delivery and installation.  Choose to work with an established commercial laundry company that has the reputation and experience to help make your laundry amenity a successful one.

How to Care for Your Equipment?

Protect your machines and your investment from the get-go.  Sign up for a service and maintenance plan that will help you with the responsibility of caring for your machines.  With an expert keeping an eye on your machines for you, you will reduce the potential for damaged machines and replacements, saving you money in the long run.

Where to Get an Affordable Washer and Dryer for Apartments?

To find the best most affordable washer and dryer for apartments, contact Commercial Laundries.  Here, we have equipment from world-renowned manufactures and the dependable services you are looking for to support your business.  Purchase or lease your card op washers and dryers and take advantage of our competitive prices.  For the greatest amount of savings, lease commercial laundry equipment with us and get free delivery, installation, and service and maintenance.

Give Commercial Laundries a call today at, (855) 254-9274 to find the best washer and dryer for apartments and the most affordable prices.

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