Find Smart Card Laundry Machines for Commercial Facilities in Fort Myers

smart card laundry machines

Upgrade your laundry facility with laundry card systems technology.

If you want to make an impressive change in your commercial laundry facility, you should consider installing smart card laundry machines. Your clientele will appreciate the convenience that smart laundry machine technology brings, while still providing excellent laundry services.

If you need to replace failing machines or want to upgrade your laundry facility, then smart card laundry machines are a wise choice.

Laundry Card Systems

Smart card laundry machines are considered an upscale attractive commodity that many consumers look for. In a tech-savvy world, using card generated fiscal transactions are becoming more commonplace than ever before, and are a great convenience. Give your patrons a choice in selecting their style of payment options when they come to your laundry facility to do their laundry chores.

Laundry card systems are a convenient and simple way to pay for laundry services. Each time your patron uses their personal laundry card, it will be debited for the fee of the laundry service. The payment fee will automatically be recorded and credited to your business account.

You will no longer have to collect coins from each machine and bring them to the bank, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your money is secure and accounted for. Plus, you can easily access your account data to perform bookkeeping tasks.

A smart laundry machine is simple to use; all your patron has to do is slide their card through the scanner located on the machine and the machine will be engaged for use. If the card needs to be recredited, your patron can add credit to their card using cash or a credit/debit card at the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility.

Laundry card systems allow you to make price changes in smaller increments, and also set up price schedules for specific days and hours when your facility experiences high or low traffic.

Another smart laundry machine feature is that you can receive alerts to notify you about a power outage, or other problem in your facility, via your mobile device. Patrons can learn the status of their laundry cycle and be notified when their laundry cycle has ended.

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Smart Laundry Machine

Your laundry card system provides advanced high-tech engineering. Our smart card laundry machines are built with solid construction for durability, high performance, and longevity.

All of our laundry machines are rigorously tested to meet the high standards of our industry before receiving a stamp of approval by their respective manufacturer. Other great features of our smart card laundry machines include:

  • All smart card laundry machines are Energy Star certified to deliver significant savings in water, gas and electric costs. You can save thousands of gallons of water annually with our impressive machines while lowering your operating costs and conserving precious natural resources.
  • Our smart laundry machine is available in front and top-loading models and built by world-famous manufacturers like Maytag, Speed Queen, Miele, and Maytag.
  • To maximize space in a small laundry facility, we carry stackable smart laundry machine units.
  • Our laundry card systems have advanced agitation and extraction systems that produce a cleaner, drier laundry outcome, requiring less dryer time.
  • You can also select ADA compliant laundry card systems that are specifically designed to serve the handicapped community.

You can surprise your patrons by installing some new smart card laundry machines in your laundry facility. We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. To learn more about our laundry card systems, contact Commercial Laundries Fort Myers today at 239-307-0623.

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