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Use our reliable experts for commercial laundry equipment repairs.

You can ensure your laundry business success by keeping your laundry equipment in tiptop shape so that it performs effectively. To offer your clientele the type of laundry service they expect means having commercial laundry equipment that is up to the task.

To keep your machines performing well, they should receive regular maintenance visits and commercial laundry equipment repair services when needed.

Commercial Laundry Equipment

Your commercial laundry business can only be as good as the commercial laundry equipment you have in your facility. And although you may have invested in premium laundry machines, there will be times that they require commercial laundry equipment repair services.

Trying to find reliable and professional mechanics and technicians can be difficult unless you have a commercial laundry company working with you that provides quality laundry products and services.

Commercial Laundries in Orlando is that type of company. We are a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida serving thousands of laundry facilities across the state. We are Florida’s leading supplier of commercial laundry equipment in the education and commercial sectors, and we also provide commercial laundry parts and repair services. Our goal is to assist you in operating a successful laundry business by supplying you with premium commercial laundry products and maintenance and repair services.

We employ our own dedicated team of professional mechanics and technicians who are educated and experienced in all aspects of commercial laundry equipment repair services. Our team can provide you with knowledge and tips on how to improve your laundry facility operation, and point out potential problems that can be costing you excessive water and utility costs, or causing undue wear and tear on commercial laundry parts.

Our policy is to assign a personal technician to your laundry facility so that he can become familiar with you and your laundry facility needs. If you need commercial laundry equipment repair services, your technician can expedite the process so that your machines are up and running quickly. We also retain a 15,000 square foot warehouse filled with commercial laundry machines and commercial laundry parts, so that we have resources available when you need them.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair Services

Our service department operates like a well-oiled machine, just like your commercial laundry products should. We offer you professional commercial laundry services that include: delivery and installation of laundry equipment, removal of old machines, commercial laundry equipment repair and maintenance services, affordable service contracts, commercial laundry parts and labor, and complimentary Utility Assessment Reports.

Our service crew can provide commercial laundry equipment repair services on a large variety of machine makes and models. Plus, our crew drives large service vehicles that are stocked with laundry equipment, tools, and commercial laundry parts, so that your technician has everything he needs to provide the right solutions to problems. With Commercial Laundries as your partner, you can rest assured that your laundry equipment will be kept in top working order.

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