Energy Saving Commercial Laundry Equipment

May 14, 2015 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Energy Saving Commercial Laundry EquipmentMany multi-house rental property owners are seeking a way to offer tenants a high-tech on-site laundry facility and also save energy. Being conscious about the environment and finding ways to save energy and money is easy when you invest in an energy saving commercial laundry facility. Commercial laundry equipment has come a long way over the past few decades and today’s washers and dryers minimize water and energy output. This saves property owners money and provides an environment-friendly facility that offers residents state-of-the-art laundry technology. Commercial Laundries has worked with thousands of multi-house rental property owners in the South Florida area who are ecologically aware and seeking to install energy-efficient washers and dryers. For property owners installing an on-site laundry facility for the first time, our expert team will make sure your space is properly used and furnished with the best energy-efficient equipment. By analyzing your current area, the needs and demographics of your residents and combining it with your vision and energy-saving desires, we work together in choosing ideal washers and dryers to meet the requirements you have.

When it comes to saving energy, water and money, Commercial Laundries offers a huge selection of energy efficient makes and models. Top of the line, efficient equipment can be seen in our front loading washers and dryers. These machines are built with the latest technology, and come with a variety of sophisticated cycles and options that protect fabrics. In addition, front loaders offer the most savings when it comes to energy and water use, helping you save money while also generating extra revenue from your tenants. While also being ecologically friendly, front loaders are ADA-compliant and easy to use. If you have residents who are concerned about the environment and live a lifestyle that involves saving energy, water, etc., they will be thrilled to see these types of washers and dryers in your facility.

If you have been considering adding an on-site laundry area to your property but were concerned about the amount of energy and water that would be used, let us help you put your worries to rest! At Commercial Laundries, we have hundreds of new and used commercial laundry equipment on site for you to choose from. We will specifically help you design your facility around the idea of saving energy. We offer energy efficient machines from the best names in the industry, including Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. In addition, whether you lease or purchase your commercial laundry equipment from us, you will be able to take advantage of the best prices in South Florida, saving you money while still generating income from your property.

Let an expert from our team tell you more about front loading washer and dryer options, in addition to space-saving stackable equipment. Stackable washers and dryers are half the size of traditional washers and dryers, and are built with fast cycle technology and efficient operational modes. These types of commercial washers and dryers will help you if your on-site facility is tight on space and will also meet your energy-efficient desires.

With so many makes and models to choose from, all built by the best names in the business, leasing or purchasing energy-saving commercial laundry equipment is easy. Commercial Laundries has decades of experience in the South Florida area and has worked with property owners who want to update their existing laundry facility or build a new one from scratch. Saving energy, water and being conscious about the environment is possible, while still offering tenants a functional and high-tech laundry facility.

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