Energy-Efficient Machines Save Property Managers Money

January 14, 2020 | Categories: Orlando , Uncategorized

Energy-efficient machines save money |

Learn How Our Energy-Efficient Machines Save Money for Property Managers

Managing any rental property is never an easy task. There are numerous details that you need to be aware of on a daily basis. The leading concern is offering an environment that keeps your renters happy. Oftentimes, this means that you need to spend more money on other amenities around your property.

One of the leading features that every renter looks for is whether he or she has the option to do laundry on the property. If you are thinking of installing new machines or you need to upgrade outdated ones, you may want to consider using energy-efficient laundry equipment. Here are some of the reasons we think these types of machines are the best choice for property managers and owners.

Less wasted water

Water bills for a rental property are easily one of the leading expenses for owners. Using energy-efficient machines can help you to save thousands of dollars during the course of your service contract. Our washers reduce the amount of hot water that a traditional washer uses by a third which you will certainly notice in your water bill. Additionally, our machines produce 50% less wastewater which provides you with the benefit of reduced water treatment costs.

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Lower electricity costs

One of the best features of an energy-efficient washer is the fact that laundry is done faster. The unit’s high-speed water extraction process facilitates more water being removed from the final spin. When a washer needs less energy to finish a load of laundry, this means that it is not using as much electricity or gas to complete the job. Your tenants will still experience a clean load of laundry and you will see a drop in your gas or electricity bill.

Happy tenants

Is there anything worse than running a load of laundry only to find that your clothes are still full of stains? This would certainly be a point of contention with any renter. Why should your tenants continue to rent at a property that does not provide them with quality laundry services? When you opt to install energy-efficient machines on your property, the risk of stains being left behind on clothes is decreased. The machine operates at a higher capacity which not only removes stains but allows your renters to perform larger loads of laundry. This results in happier tenants which opens the possibility to less of a renter turnover.

The team at Commercial Laundries is dedicated to supplying you with a fantastic selection of laundry equipment for any type of property. Whether you are interested in installing machines in individual units or creating a communal laundry room, our staff can work with you on a contract that suits your needs spatially and financially. We have experience installing and maintaining laundry equipment in over 1,000 throughout Florida and are known for our excellent customer service.

To speak to our team about the benefits of our energy-efficient machines, give us a call today at (407) 986-1410. We look forward to working with you.


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