How to Convert Laundry Equipment to Cashless

January 27, 2022 | Categories: Cashless Laundry Payment Technology , Orlando

How to Convert Laundry Equipment to Cashless

Take your laundry facility up a notch with a cashless laundry equipment setup.

If you find yourself wondering, “can I make my laundry equipment cashless”, the answer is yes.  And the great news is that you can do so affordably and quickly.  In today’s world, most transactions are made with a card or mobile transaction.  A cashless laundry equipment setup is exactly what your facility needs and what your patrons desire.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, our cashless laundry conversion is cost-effective and transformative.  Bring your facility into the 21st century when you convert laundry equipment to cashless and enjoy the convenience of a coin-free laundry amenity.

How Can I Make My Laundry Equipment Cashless?

Setting up a cashless laundry system is quick and easy, and best of all, affordable.  Many older machines can be converted to a coinless system to accept credit cards and mobile payments.  Whether you have a few washers and dryers or a whole fleet, Commercial Laundries Orlando can help.

Benefits of a Cashless Laundry Facility

A cashless laundry facility will greatly benefit both you and your patrons.  Once you convert laundry equipment to cashless, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

For Property Owners and Managers

  • Real-time reports for better management and clarity into your laundry business.
  • Simplified and automatic accounting with digital payments.
  • Quick and easy price adjustability to keep up with fluctuating operational costs.
  • Insight into user habits and preferences to offer rewards and discounts.
  • Gain a more safe and secure laundry amenity from theft, vandalism, and counterfeits, with the elimination or reduction of cash and coins.
  • Easy management without the hassle of collecting and depositing coins.
  • Receive current reports on machine issues to avoid major problems or broken machines.
  • An updated facility will enhance your laundry room and make it more appealing to current and potential residents leading to an increase in customers and profits.

For Residents

  • Quick and easy payment solutions with the use of a smartcard or mobile phone, relieved of collecting or hauling coins for laundry day.
  • A more secure laundry room means a safer environment for your residents.
  • Through the Laundryvalue app, residents can pay for their laundry, track remaining run time, and find available machines from their smartphones.
  • Through a cashless system, residents will enjoy the ability to connect to their laundry and appreciate the contactless payment option for their safety.

Convert Laundry Equipment to Cashless

Get new cashless laundry equipment set up with the help of our skilled technicians here at Commercial Laundries Orlando.  With a quick phone call and a simple visit, our techs will be able to determine what you need for your facility to go cashless and begin the process.  Your machines will be outfitted with a card and or a smart system to accept laundry smart cards or mobile payments.  For a smart system, your residents will download the Laundryvalue app create an account, and upload funds for their laundry purchases.  Once set up, customers simply scan the QR code located on each machine via Bluetooth to pay for and start their laundry.

Contact Your Local Commercial Laundry Company that You Can Trust

Commercial Laundries Orlando has cost-effective laundry solutions to convert your current laundry facility to a cashless system.  Give us a call today to speak to one of our team members to find the right path for you and your laundry facility.

If you are still questioning, “how can I make my laundry equipment cashless”, contact our knowledgeable Commercial Laundries Orlando team at, (407) 986-1410.

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