Controlling Your Destiny through an Equipment Lease

May 14, 2014 | Categories: Laundry equipment leasing

Equipment LeaseLooking to equip or upgrade the laundry rooms in your condominium, apartment building, multi-housing complex, hotel, etc.? If you are in the market for new washers and dryers, you may want to consider leasing the equipment instead of buying it. There are some key advantages to equipment leasing. At Commercial Laundries we will help you customize an washer and dryer equipment leasing program that best matches your property’s needs.

While 90 percent of our customers prefer our laundry space lease programs, we understand that some customers want to control their own destiny and have an active role in managing their laundry rooms, for which the equipment lease accomplishes these objectives.

With an laundry equipment leasing program, you collect the revenue generated by the machines, and pay a monthly lease payment for an agreed period of time, which is tax deductible. In order for this to make economic sense, you must optimize the number of pieces of equipment you have operational.

Leasing your laundry equipment provides you a better way to manage your cash. Aside from a reduced cash outlay, leasing saves your working capital that would otherwise be used if you were to pay cash for your equipment. Leasing may help you keep pace with emerging technology and equipment by getting higher quality and more cost-effective equipment. Our equipment lease agreements include free maintenance and repairs, saving you additional costs. When you own the machines, you must pay to repair them. Service calls can average $175 per repair, including diagnosis, parts and labor.

The main disadvantage of entering into an equipment lease is the inconvenience of collecting the coin from the machines and having to count it and take it to the bank. For this reason alone, property owners often decide to enter into a laundry space lease and leave the collections and other tasks to Commercial Laundries.

Whether you want to enter into an equipment lease, a laundry space lease or buy your own equipment, Commercial Laundries will help you customize a solution.

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