Contactless Payment Options for Laundry

Learn How Cashless Payment Solutions for Laundry Equipment Can Benefit Your Business

Cashless payment solutions for laundry

When it comes to starting a laundry facility or upgrading your current amenity, there are simple cashless payment solutions for laundry that will benefit both you and your patrons.

Contactless laundry systems are the way to move your laundry amenity into a clean, convenient, and effortless future. As we look beyond the traditional coin-operated laundry equipment, we can find solutions that meet the needs of your residents and the next generation. They offer many perks that are beneficial to property managers and tenants. Here at Commercial Laundries, we have the best laundry machines with coinless payment systems to update and outfit your laundry amenity.

Benefits of Laundry Machines with Coinless Payment

Technology has taken laundry to a whole new level, and it continues to change in ways that make the task more accessible and dependable. Contactless and smart card laundry machines’ innovative features make laundry more manageable and convenient than ever.

Save Property Managers Time and Funds:

Smart card laundry machines are solutions to more time and money. Counting and collecting coins is a task that managers must do or hire out, and whichever way you look at it, you are paying with time or money. Cashless payment solutions for laundry are precise and reliable, and automatically audit revenue and deposit funds into your business account.

Secure and Dependable:

With the elimination or limit of cash and coins, security immediately increases. You no longer have to keep such a close eye on things, and you will be able to track revenue more closely and accurately. With their easily accessible interface, you can follow your sales, monitor usage, and gain your business’s full transparency.

Pricing Control:

Laundry machines with coinless payment give more control over price adjustments and your revenue. Easily access your laundry facility and change pricing by small or large increments remotely. You can offer promotions or discounts to encourage usage and boost tenant satisfaction.

Increase Resident Satisfaction:

Giving your tenants multiple payment options will appeal to different demographics and increase your customer base. Cashless payment solutions for laundry also improve hygiene and cleanliness, which is a priority in today’s times.

Remote Access and Connectivity:

Smart card laundry machines are easy-to-use and allow owners and users to connect to machines remotely. Managers can view machine activity and receive alerts when a machine needs service. Patrons can use the smartphone application to search for machines or receive alerts when one becomes available. They can also get notifications on laundry status and when their cycle has completed, offering a world of convenience.   

Cashless Payment Solutions for Laundry and How They Work

Smart Card Laundry Machines:

Card operated machines are easy to install and integrate into any laundry facility. With the addition of a CleanPay Credit Kiosk, patrons simply purchase a smart card and deposit funds via credit/debit card or smartphone application. Afterward, all laundry machines are activated with a swipe of their laundry card. These kiosks can also work with most coin-operated machines making them easy to incorporate into your current laundry facility without having to do a complete overhaul.

Mobile Cashless Payment Solutions for Laundry:

The CleanPay Mobile app is easy to download on any smartphone device. Patrons create accounts and add credit with a debit/credit card. Once funds are deposited, customers effortlessly start any laundry equipment by scanning the QR code located on the machine via Bluetooth. Through the app, users can receive alerts and notifications and monitor their laundry.

Investing in Contactless Laundry Machines: Buying and Leasing Options

Commercial Laundries has the expertise to help you convert your laundry amenity to a cashless system. All of our premium equipment is available for purchase or lease. Our commercial laundry leasing program is an affordable option to get your business going with little to no upfront costs. Additionally, all service and maintenance are free to help keep your costs down and protect your investment.

Contact Commercial Laundries at (855) 254-9274 to find out more about laundry machines with coinless payment or get a free estimate.

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