Commercial Washing Machines in Miami 

February 21, 2019 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Commercial washing machinesFind the best commercial washing machines for your laundry facility.

Did you know that you can buy or rent commercial washing machines from Commercial Laundries at affordable prices? You won’t have to search for the type of laundry machines you need for your laundry facility. We have a large inventory of top-quality brands that are perfect for your commercial laundry facility. Plus, we have created affordable purchasing options for those of you who have a restricted budget.

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Miami Commercial Washing Machine Equipment

Whether you are building a new commercial laundry facility, or have an existing one, you can get the type of Miami commercial washing machine equipment that best suits your business goals and budget. If you require assistance in selecting laundry equipment, our sales representatives can assist you. We can describe the difference between machines models, so that you can select which type of commercial washing machines are the best fit for your business.

We make the purchasing process easy, and all of our machines are sold at competitive prices. If you are struggling to make ends meet, we also have other affordable options for you to consider. We realize how important it is to have dependable laundry equipment for the success of your business, and that is why we also offer our very popular leasing program.

Miami Commercial Washing Machine Leasing

If budget restrictions make it difficult for you to buy commercial washing machines in Miami at this time, you may want to consider a viable solution. Our leasing program is tax deductible and allows you to get the machines you require to keep your business going. It’s an inexpensive way to equip your laundry facility with premium machines that will serve you well for a long time, and the best part is that the machines literally pay for themselves. Leasing is a smart solution to a tight budget.

When you choose to lease commercial washing machines from us, you receive fine quality machines and valuable services. All of your leased laundry equipment receives complimentary maintenance and repair services for the lifetime of the lease contract. One of our qualified technicians will make regular visits to your laundry facility to maintain your machines so that they are performing optimally. If repair services are required, our repair team will attend to the problem in a timely manner. With our leasing program, you will never have to fret over unexpected repair bills again, and you will gain a professional team of mechanics and technicians who can meet all of your machine requirements.

Buy Commercial Washing Machines in Miami

Whether you decide to purchase or lease our laundry equipment, you can choose from a great selection of top brands like Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. Our commercial washing machines and dryers are built for high performance and longevity, assuring that you receive many years of good service. We carry a great assortment of front and top loading machines, in coin or credit card operated formats.

All of our laundry equipment is Energy Star certified to assure that you are receiving substantial savings in water, gas and electric costs. Plus, our laundry equipment is designed to help conserve the natural environment by saving thousands of gallons of water annually.

You can have great laundry equipment at affordable prices with Commercial Laundries. To learn more about our premium laundry products and valuable services, contact Commercial Laundries today at: 305-699-3963

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