Commercial Washing Machine Repair Service

Commercial Washing Machine Repair ServiceKeep tenants happy with commercial washing machine repair service from Commercial Laundries

In the every day world of commercial laundry activity things are bound to happen. The continuous daily use of commercial washing machines may begin to wear down parts or other problems may occur. Because your business depends on having a functional commercial laundry facility, it is important that you have a dependable and knowledgeable washing machine repair service. Commercial Laundries has been in the commercial laundry business for decades and services many laundry facilities throughout Florida. We know how important your business is to you and we are determined to have your washing machines up and running quickly.

We work with many different types of laundry facilities such as multi-housing properties, condominiums, hotels, catering halls, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and industrial and institutional facilities. We understand the importance of having a clean laundry supply for your business to thrive. Our commitment to excellent customer service will provide you with timely repair services to keep your operation running smoothly. We employ and insure our own technicians and mechanics who must attend continuing education classes. This keeps our team of experts on the cutting edge of any new technological advancement in the commercial laundry sector. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of the service and repair of your laundry equipment. If you are in need of commercial washing machine repair service, then Commercial Laundries is the company you can trust and depend upon.

Many problems can occur with your washing machines and parts. Some of the most common problems that occur are:

  1. A clogged drain
  2. Pump problems
  3. Spin cycle doesn’t work
  4. Problems with the agitator
  5. Leaks
  6. Problems with suspension balance

There may be a problem with the display panel if moisture has seeped into it, or maybe the door is not closing properly. Parts eventually wear out and have to be replaced with new parts. Many problems, small and more serious, can occur when machinery is in constant use. Your Commercial Laundries technician will be able to complete repair services quickly because we have a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment, dryer and washer machine parts. Our knowledge and resources guarantee that your washing machines will be operating at their peak level in a timely manner.

We carry a full line of top tier commercial laundry washing machines and dryers, from such reputable brands as Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. If you are in need of some new laundry equipment, or would like to upgrade your facility, you can choose from top or front loaders and stackables. We offer new and used laundry equipment at competitive prices, and we also have a variety of lease options. If you are short on cash but would like to add more laundry equipment to your facility, our popular lease programs make it simple and affordable. Your lease option is tax deductible, and you will receive regular maintenance and repair services free of charge for the lifetime of the lease.

Leasing is a big part of our business because it allows the client to create a new, modern facility with a minimum of cost. Our laundry equipment is Energy Star certified to bring you substantial savings in water, sewer, gas and electric costs. You will be able to increase your cash flow with extra machines and have all the worry of maintenance and repairs off your shoulders. As our partner, we consider it a privilege to help you build a more efficient, cost effective laundry facility.

Find out how you can save money on commercial washing machine repair service, and generate extra income at the same time, with one of our lease options. Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-699-3970.

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