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Get the facts on washing machine plumbing before installation.

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Commercial Washing Machine Installation

How to install a washing machine correctly is as important as any other aspect of your business.

Whoever is installing your laundry machines should have a good knowledge of washing machine plumbing, including drainage and hookups.

To ensure that you have a good knowledge of how to install a washing machine, we have prepared some commercial washing machine installation tips:

• The first thing to do is to find the best spot to place the machine, making sure the floor is a level solid surface. Also, adjust the feet on the bottom of the machine to assure the machine is level, and not leaning to one side.

Place a carpenter’s level on top of the machine from front to back, and from right to left to calibrate. This will help to keep laundry loads balanced in the machine and reduce the risk of leaks, noise, and vibrations.

• Do not install a washing machine near a heat source, such as radiators, a furnace, etc. It is also recommended that the room temperature not fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
• If you are building a new commercial laundry facility, it is best to measure your doorway entrance, machine placement space, and laundry machine dimensions before a commercial washing machine installation.
• Before removing an old laundry machine that is going to be replaced, make sure to shut off both hot and cold washing machine plumbing outlets. Hoses that are attached to the old machine should be detached.
• Knowledge of washing machine plumbing is critical when connecting the water supply hose so that leaks can be avoided. If the hose is too short, a longer one will be needed. Never try to stretch the hose to fit because the hose can break. Attach the hoses to their respective hot and cold hookups and secure tightly.
• How to install a washing machine properly also includes knowing how to install the drain hose to prevent leaks. The drain hose should be inserted into the standpipe and secured. The standpipe’s diameter should be larger than the drain hose, and its top should be placed higher than the machine’s water level.
• Plug the machine into the electrical outlet and give the machine a test run. If any leaking occurs around or under the machine, try tightening your washing machine plumbing connections.

How to Install a Washing Machine

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