Commercial Washers: Find the Best Models in Miami

If you own or operate a commercial laundry facility, you know that washing machines you can depend on are imperative for business. Maytag is a top brand that has a strong and loyal following. The Maytag brand is known for its durability and innovative features. To find the best models of laundry equipment in Miami, you can trust Commercial Laundries. We pair laundry centers with the Maytag commercial washers and dryers they need to best serve their customers or residents.

 If you want to choose a Maytag washer, Commercial Laundries can help. Finding the best models in Miami is as easy as contacting us. Maytag washers come in many different models, with many different features. Do you know what features best serve the needs of your business? Commercial Laundries offers both new and used Maytag commercial washers, and our experienced team can help you decide what is best for your facility. We also feature service plans so that our customers can get the prompt maintenance and repair services they need.

 Of course, Commercial Laundries also features many other high-quality makers; however, for fans of Maytag, we offer a broad selection of options. Our sales and leasing associates are exceptionally knowledgeable; they know the ins and outs of all Maytag commercial washers and dryers. Finding top-loading or front-loading washing machines that will suit your space is a priority. We will take the time to help you find the ideal new or used commercial laundry machines for your premises.

Maytag: A Premier Brand

Laundry businesses rely on Maytag because it’s a premium brand that has a reputation for reliability and performance excellence. Whether you supply your customers with access to onsite laundry facilities or your operation depends on the use of reliable laundry equipment, you may want to explore why Maytag is so well respected by its customers today. Maytag is known for its washing machines’ guaranteed dependability and durability. They have been in business since 1893. The brand has more than a century of design and manufacturing experience and has been at the forefront of innovation after innovation. Maytag’s laundry machines are especially renowned for their longevity. In fact, with proper maintenance and care, they should continue to work just as Maytag intended.

 7 Features of Modern Maytag Commercial Washers

Commercial Laundries can help you find innovative Maytag commercial washers with many different models to choose from. Different models mean different features. Find out more about the best Maytag features to look for when shopping for new washing machines below:

Special Wash Cycles – Maytag offers customers superb functionality. Some of its features include special wash cycles offering a wide array of cycles including heavy-duty washing, delicate washing, and more. Some models even feature a sanitizing cycle, which helps commercial facilities maintain the cleanliness of machines without hassle. Top-load Maytag washing machines feature a deep-water wash cycle that’s ideal for heavily soiled mixed garments.

Troubleshooting Messages – When something goes wrong with a laundry load, wouldn’t it be nice to receive an alert? Maytag believes so. Included in its smart features, are troubleshooting messages. The Maytag app provides troubleshooting alerts that are helpful for laundry businesses to ensure each unit is operating efficiently.

Voice Control – Maytag features voice control options for users. This is another great smart feature that busy users can activate by using just their voice.

Remote Operation – Maytag washers can be operated across the room or across the city. With remote features, you don’t have to wait alongside your laundry machine for your load to begin or end.

Steam Option – For deep stains, the steam option available on some Maytag laundry machines is an excellent option to consider for use. Pair steaming with the machine’s extra power button for deep stain-fighting protection.

Flexible Controls – Some Maytag washing machines offer convenient flexible controls. So, if you forget something, you can make late adjustments after the cycle has begun.

Convenient Payment Options – Smart washing machines can accept smart payments. This means you can pay via card, coin, or through online banking with the laundry app.

5 Features of Modern Maytag Commercial Dryers

Maytag features commercial dryers that are every bit as advanced as their washing machines. If you’re shopping for new commercial washing machines, you may also be in need of commercial dryers. Maytag dryers feature a wide array of features, including:

Wrinkle Prevention – Look for Maytag dryers that offer advanced wrinkle-prevention functionality. To operate the wrinkle function, simply activate it prior to the cycle and it will add 150 tumble-drying hours to the dry. The wrinkle prevention option is a useful one that many customers look for in on-premises laundry facilities.

Static Reduction Feature – Maytag’s static-reduction option reduces static cling among fabrics. The dryer emits a quick spray of water onto the clothing that moistens it just enough to reduce static.

Extra-Large Lint Traps – Commercial dryers can benefit from having an extra-large trap for lint. Your business may have many customers in a single day. Lint can pile up considerably. Commercial Maytag dryers are designed to stand up to heavy use, and large lint traps are another sign of their well-planned designs.

Moisture Sensors – Many Maytag dryers are equipped with moisture sensors. These sensors alert the dryer when clothes remain damp. Damp clothes require additional drying. This smart feature is one of Maytag’s most popular features.

Quick Dry Cycle – Your property laundry center’s customers may need fast dryer service. The quick dry cycle is ideal for those times when a garment is needed promptly.

maytag dryer

Commercial Laundries in Miami Has the Best Maytag Equipment Available

Of course, when shopping for commercial laundry equipment in Miami, be sure to consider size and capacity. Maytag features washing machines and dryers in large capacities. You may want to outfit your laundry facility with machines of varying sizes. Commercial Laundries can help by providing an excellent variety of Maytag commercial washers and dryers.

When shopping, you’ll want to consider the special features we’ve outlined above. Many of our Maytag models have them. Our representatives can provide you with a virtual tour of the options we have available in Miami. We can go over each model that you are considering and help you choose which models will be best for your multi-family laundry facility. At Commercial Laundries, we serve many different businesses with our machines. Whether you operate an apartment complex laundry facility, spa, hotel, or RV park, we can help.

Not sure about whether to buy or lease commercial washers and dryers? By purchasing machines, you will own them outright and can still rely on Commercial Laundries for our supportive maintenance and repair services. If you are interested in setting up a leasing agreement or wish to set up a maintenance and service plan for your purchased laundry machines, our representatives can explain the ins and outs of these options. Even when leasing, you can still choose the ideal laundry machines for your facility.

Contact Commercial Laundries today for our assistance. Let our representatives help you choose the right Maytag machines for your facility. Commercial Laundries has a reputation for our excellent customer support that extends beyond the initial sale of equipment. We want you to get the most from your Maytag experience. Call us today at 305-592-7990 to peruse our selection of Maytag commercial washers and dryers.

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