Commercial Washers and Dryers in Haines City, Florida

January 18, 2021 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Orlando

commercial washers and dryers in Haines City Florida

If you find yourself searching for commercial washers and dryers in Haines City, we have got a quick guide for you to find the best purchasing options for you with the most reliable distributor.

There are many great Haines City commercial washers and dryers for sale when you know where to look.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have the quality equipment that you are looking for at affordable rates that will not have you breaking the bank.  We even have dependable services to keep your equipment running efficiently and cost-effectively.

Top-Quality Machines from World-Renowned Manufacturers

All our equipment is well crafted and engineered to meet the high standards and demands of your laundry facility.  Their solid construction and innovative features are what your residents need and desire to deliver on performance.  Our premium equipment is manufactured by world-famous companies that are known for their longevity and dependability.  Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool have over three centuries of combined experience and their machines are an asset to any laundry amenity.

Coin-Op Machines:

Coin-operated washers and dryers are your traditional machines that are widely accepted for their reliable payment system and familiarity.  While everyone may not have a credit or debit card on hand, almost everyone will certainly have access to cash.  Coin-op equipment works well in all types of laundry facilities, including short term rentals and vacation properties.

Card-Op Machines:

Card operated washers and dryers are a great step toward a more modern laundry facility and offer property owners the option to have a more remote management style.  With digital transactions, property managers and owners will have full transparency into their laundry business and profits.  They also offer a world of convenience for younger generations and demographics that prefer to pay with credit or debit cards.

Cashless Payment System:

Take your laundry business to a whole new level with increased security, sanitation, and customer satisfaction.  With the elimination of cash and coins, there are fewer threats of theft and the need for laundry room personnel.  When you go cashless, you are also giving your patrons the option of a contactless payment option which will give them greater peace of mind over their safety.  Laundry payment applications are easy to use and adapt to your laundry facility, you will wonder why you did not add one sooner.

Haines City Commercial Washer and Dryers for Sale at Commercial Laundries Orlando

Commercial Laundries Orlando has the best laundry equipment for your facility and the services and maintenance programs to go along with it.  When one of your machines is acting up or needs a professional hand, our skilled technicians will come out to your site and perform services and repairs the same day.  To help upkeep your equipment we also offer a comprehensive service and maintenance program to keep your facility operating at its peak.

Buy or Lease Commercial Washers and Dryers, Haines City Florida

There are many purchasing and leasing options out there to get your facility up off the ground.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have competitive pricing that will keep you within budget and at full capacity when you buy or lease commercial washers and dryers in Haines City.

Purchase New or Used Equipment:

Owning your equipment outright comes with some perks and freedom you may be looking for.  Choose from new machines or select refurbished equipment at a fraction of the cost.  All our machines have been carefully assessed and serviced to ensure they operate like new.

Rent New Equipment:

Our tax-deductible leasing program is a great way to save on initial cost and still receive the advantages of new equipment.  Lease commercial washers and dryers, Haines City Florida, and get our premium equipment with free service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease.

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