Commercial Washer and Dryer Equipment Leasing

Commercial Washer and Dryer Equipment LeasingIf you are interested in adding a self-service laundry room to your property or updating your existing one, without committing major resources to the project, commercial washer and dryer leasing could be the ideal solution. As the owner of a condominium, apartment complex, or other multifamily property, you are well aware of the benefits self-service laundry rooms have to offer: they provide a service to residents’ experience, leading to higher tenant satisfaction and retention; they make property more attractive to potential tenants; and they positively contribute to a facility’s revenue stream. Purchasing the necessary laundry room equipment may require more of an investment than you are ready to make, but with a laundry room lease from Commercial Laundries, you can have a fully outfitted self-service laundry room for a minimal price fixed price!

Commercial washer and dryer leasing offers a number of key advantages to multifamily property owners.. There is no capital outlay. Leasing the washers and dryers for your laundry room allows you to retain your working capital and put it to work in other areas of your property. When you lease commercial washers and dryers for your facility, you may be able to obtain newer and higher quality equipment than you could otherwise afford. Our standard equipment lease covers the cost of all parts and labor, which becomes costly if you own your own equipment and the machines are aging.

When you enter into a laundry room equipment lease with Commercial Laundries, we deliver and install  the commercial washers and dryers at your facility. We carry the latest, most sophisticated card and coin operated washers and dryers, including high-efficiency front and top load washers and dryers from the most respected brands in the business – Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen. Our laundry room experts will help you select the models that best fit the space and usage requirements of your laundry room facility.

If you purchase commercial laundry equipment, you are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your machines. Any problems that arise are your responsibility; you have to pay for service calls, along with the cost of any needed parts and repairs. If you are interested in adding or upgrading an existing laundry room to your property but do not have the time or inclination to spend collecting, counting, and depositing the coins generated, Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Space Lease is for you. We lease laundry room space from you; we are responsible for installing and repairing the laundry equipment at no cost to you. We then collect the revenue generated by the usage and send you a rental payment pursuant to the terms of  the agreement. As an added incentive, we often award our leasing customers with signing bonuses or money for laundry room improvements at the signing of a new agreement.

Whether you are interested in adding a new laundry room to your facility or updating an existing one, commercial washer and dryer leasing from Commercial Laundries provides you with a way to offer your tenants brand new, highly efficient laundry equipment at an affordable cost!

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