What You Need to Know When Buying a Commercial Washer and Dryer in Florida

October 18, 2017 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , fort myers

commercial washer and dryerFind the right commercial washer and dryer equipment for your multi-housing rental property at Commercial Laundries.

Are you looking for commercial washer and dryer equipment for your laundry facility? Buying commercial laundry equipment can be confusing when you don’t know the difference between makes and models. At Commercial Laundries we take the guesswork out of purchasing commercial laundry equipment by explaining the differences in our products. Once you understand the differences in our machines you can select the models that will meet your business needs and goals. Below are some things you should know before purchasing your commercial washer and dryer equipment:

1. Durable

Not all machines are the same. Some machines are built to last for a long time, and are durable enough to withstand constant daily use. Other machines are not made to endure such hardship and they will begin to falter and die quickly. We carry Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool machines that are workhorses and will last for a long time. Our machines come in front and top loading models, with large capacity tubs to do bigger loads of laundry in a shorter amount of time. These features are important to consider when operating an on-site laundry facility, because you want machines that perform well and don’t require a lot of time to wash one load.

2. High Speed , High Efficiency

Some of our commercial laundries products are high-efficiency (HE) machines that require less water, have a larger load capacity, and perform an excellent laundry outcome. Our HE commercial washer and dryer equipment is built for high-speed water extraction that removes more water from the laundry so that it requires less drying time. Our commercial washer and dryer units have easy to operate digital dashboards, and multiple cycle options and water temperature selections. Our washing machines are equipped with automatic dispensers that release detergent, bleach and fabric softener at the appropriate time during the wash cycle.

3. Energy Efficiency

As the owner of an on-site commercial laundry facility you want efficient and cost-effective machines that reduce waste and conserve water. All of our commercial washer and dryer equipment at Commercial Laundries is Energy Star rated to do just that. Our machines are built to save you money on water, electric, sewer and gas costs by using less water and energy. If you are concerned about saving on water costs you may be interested in our HE models. The difference between HE machines and agitator models is that HE machines use a lot less water but require a longer time to clean laundry. By having energy efficient machines you will save on operating costs, increase your profits, and conserve natural resources that protect the environment.

4. Large Capacity

Another consideration when selecting commercial laundries equipment is to have large capacity machines in your facility. Your tenants will need machines that can handle blankets, dog beds, lots of towels, sweaters and jackets, and other large items. You can also select space saving stackable equipment that requires little space and can handle smaller loads of laundry. By providing both types of commercial washer and dryer equipment your tenants will be able to select which one serves their purpose.

5. Leasing

If you are working with a tight budget you may want to lease washer and dryer equipment. A tax deductible lease contract gives you the opportunity to have the machines you need for your laundry facility without spending a lot of money. When you lease washer and dryer equipment from us you also receive complimentary maintenance and repair services for the lifetime of your lease contract. This saves you time and concern, because we make sure that your machines are operating at their maximum potential.

Partnering with us as your commercial laundries vendor is a smart business move. To learn more about our commercial washer and dryer equipment, and our many services, contact Commercial Laundries Inc. today at 239-307-0623, and speak with one of our bi-lingual service representatives.

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