Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers

March 29, 2021 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry

Invest in commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers for everything that the brand represents: innovation, convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Purchasing or leasing new commercial Speed Queen washing machines is a way to transform your laundry facility and give your residents the experience they desire. Commercial Speed Queen washing machines will add value to your amenity while ticking all the boxes on your wish list.  Speed Queen is a dependable company with the reputation, products, and innovation to prove it.


When it comes to making your big decision on what equipment to put in your laundry facility, look at the long-standing reputation of the company you choose to invest in.  Read the reviews of consumers around the world that have relied on commercial Speed Queen washing machines and that can attest to their integrity.  As a company established in 1908, they have had over a century to get it right, and they have.  Their reliable equipment and groundbreaking features are what keeps their loyal consumers coming back for more.


With many different products out there, both household and commercial, it is difficult not to run into one of their advanced machines.  Coin and card-operated Speed Queen washers and dryers are some of the most common and desired machines for laundry facilities around the world for their robust construction, enhanced engineering, and sophisticated technology.  Their sound construction and innovative features are what adds to their longevity and value.


Speed Queen has always strived to stay ahead of their competitors and make each one of their machines better than the last.   Coin and card-operated Speed Queen washers and dryers are known for their “effortless laundry” motto and the advanced features they bring to the table.  Their Quantum controls give users the ability to customize their laundry experience to suit their requirements.  With 30 programmable cycles and water levels, customers will get exactly what they want and need.

Speed Queens Wash Alert feature allows residents to connect with the machine they are using and receive alerts and notifications on remaining time and completed cycles.  They can also find available machines before entering the laundry facility to avoid long wait times and to help practice social distancing.  The innovative features of Speed Queen equipment will offer a world of convenience to you and your residents you did not know was missing.


Commercial speed queen washing machines will help save money and boost profits.  These machines are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, requiring less water and energy to operate.  And with their Auto Water Leak Detection, Low Power Mode, and Shutdown Assistant features, you will save even more.

Quantum controls also allow property owners to drive revenue with cycle upgrading, happy hour specials, and reward points to increase customer loyalty.  Cycle modifiers make for easy upselling and multi-level pricing lets owners charge more for premium cycles.  All these features make it easy for you to increase profits and offset operational costs and utilities.

Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers for Sale and Lease

Coin and card-operated Speed Queen washers and dryers are a smart investment for any property type.  Buy new or used laundry equipment and get the best machines out there.  All our refurbished washers and dryers have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they operate like new.  For an even more budget-friendly option, lease commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers and get the full support of Commercial Laundries.  When you lease with us, all your service and maintenance are free throughout your lease to help protect your machines and keep your facility running at its peak.

Contact Commercial Laundries at, (855) 254-9274 to get started and outfit your laundry facility with the most dependable commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers.  Click here for a free estimate.

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