Commercial Laundry Services for Rehab Facilities

March 18, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized

Commercial Laundry Services for Rehab Facilities

Provide your clients with the utmost care and attention that they need in your rehabilitation center with an efficient laundry service.

Your guests are in need of a little extra TLC when they are at your rehab facility and giving them some of the little comforts of home can help.   By providing them with functional and necessary amenities, you can assure their stay is pleasant and recuperative.  Don’t let your laundry facility be forgotten.  As you focus on the social and entertainment amenities, remember, everyone needs to do laundry and a self-service rehabilitation laundry facility is a step in the right direction. 

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing facility, or you wish to start a new service from scratch, know Commercial Laundries Miami is here to help.  We have equipment from leading manufactures in an array of different models that will best suit your guests.  Here is a look at our machines to assist you in making the best decision for your rehabilitation laundry service.

Machines from Esteemed Manufacturers

At the top of your priority list are reliable machines.  Here at Commercial Laundries Miami, we work with the most trustworthy and world-renowned manufactures Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and more.  All these producers pride themselves on their reputation of building strong, soundly engineered and modern machines that you can depend on.   Each of their machines that we carry are innovative and Energy Star certified, ensuring that you are receiving the most energy efficient models on the market.  Whichever you choose from, you can rest assured you are only receiving the best. 

HE Washing and Drying Machines

Do what you can for your guests, your wallet and your planet with our High Efficient washers and dryers.  HE models are engineered with an array of energy and cost saving functions. 

  • Time saving with faster washing and drying cycles
  • Washers consume 50% less water than older models, hence less energy to heat water in each load
  • Faster spin technology which extracts more water from clothing, requiring less drying time
  • Less water and energy consumption resulting in less waste and lower utility costs

Because our HE washers and dryers are eco-friendly, and need less water and electricity to run, they would be a great asset to your rehabilitation laundry service.

Front Control Front Load Washers and Dryers

Choosing the right model for your rehabilitation laundry service comes down to what is right for you and your guests.  The guests in your rehabilitation facility may be there for an injury, old age or have a disability.  For these individuals you many want to consider our front control front load washer for leisurelier access and usage.  These innovative machines are built with an extra wide 15.5-inch front swinging door that opens 180 degrees for trouble-free loading and unloading.  Contact one of our team members to go over our ADA compliant machines and what is best for your clients.

Purchase and Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

When it comes to starting a new laundry service or upgrading an existing facility for your rehabilitation center you may be thinking of all the upfront costs.  Here at Commercial Laundries Miami, we have many different programs for all of our clients’ unique circumstances.  Buying brand new equipment may seem ideal, but it isn’t always necessary.  Many business and property owners are choosing to lease their machines because of the attractive programs.  We have some of the most competitive leasing programs out there and with those programs you do not only get laundry equipment but our unparalleled professionalism and world class service among many other things:

  • Delivery and installation
  • Removal and purchase of your older machines
  • Complementary maintenance and repair services with all leasing contracts
  • Machine utility assessment reports

For those on a tight budget, we have affordable options of purchasing used laundry equipment or our tax-deductible leasing program.  All of our leasing programs are customizable because we know not everyone’s situation is alike.  Our customer service and your satisfaction are of our utmost importance. 

As you focus on the needs of the individuals in your rehab, we will focus on yours.   Contact Commercial Laundries Miami at (305) 699-3956 to get started on your rehabilitation laundry service.  Stay connected with us on social media and leave us a review online.

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