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In need of commercial laundry parts or repair? Commercial Laundries can help!

Commercial Laundry PartsIf you operate an onsite laundry facility in your structure, being able to locate commercial laundry parts and professional repair technicians is probably high on your priority list.   At Commercial Laundries, not only do we offer a wide variety of top tier commercial laundry equipment for your on-premises laundry facility, but parts, service and repair are our areas of specialty. In addition to our corporate office, we have an on-site 15,000 square foot warehouse that retains a full inventory of equipment and parts. Whether you are seeking commercial laundry equipment, or need repairs on existing machines, you can expect equipment or repairs in a prompt, timely manner. Because of our terrific customer-centric reputation, we have become South Florida’s leader when it comes to commercial laundry parts and equipment.

Commercial Laundries is a family owned business established in 1967 and our relationship with you is our top priority. Our bi-lingual service department is trained and committed to handle all your requests and concerns. In addition to machine service and repair, we carry a full line of industrial quality, commercial laundry equipment that was designed to handle continuous daily wear and tear. Our machines are dependable and durable because they were built to last. We have stackables, plus top or front loading washers and dryers by manufacturers such as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen that offer the newest energy efficient technology and options. And although our laundry equipment is strong and durable, there will be times when machines may to be repaired. When that happens, we have a full supply of commercial laundry parts to quickly address all repair problems.

Why a Commercial Laundry Machine May Need Repair

There are many reasons why laundry equipment might break down. When a machine is overloaded with more laundry than its capacity can handle, it can cause stress to the coupler and cause it to break. Replacing a broken coupler with a new one from our warehouse is an easy fix for our trained and experienced technicians. Another reason that machines will malfunction is when laundry or jewelry gets stuck inside the pump hose or the pump itself. When this happens, the water will not be able to drain properly, and machine belts may begin to melt or burn. The hose and pump may need to be cleaned out and belts may have to be replaced by one of our technicians.

There may come a time when a washing machine will fill up slowly with water or not at all. Your personal Commercial Laundries technician can fix the problem with multiple adjustments and replace the water valve, if necessary, to solve the problem. If a machine won’t agitate or spin, it may need a new lid switch to get the machine working again. Whatever your repair issues may be, they will be quickly addressed by one of our capable technicians. Our technicians are trained and required to attend continuing education hands-on courses to keep abreast of all new technology and repair issues. They are experienced and competent in keeping your laundry facility running in a smooth and efficient manner.

If you currently own older machines that are not functioning well, you may want to consider leasing through Commercial Laundries. Our lease options are customizable to your needs and budget. If you cannot afford a large out-of-pocket investment right now, a lease option is your best choice in creating a laundry facility for your business. Our advisory staff will assist you in making the right choices in personalizing your laundry needs, budget, available space, return on investment etc. Commercial laundry repair, parts, equipment and service are all included when you lease with us and you will not incur any additional charges. Allowing our technicians to continually service and maintain your leased equipment lengthens the life of the equipment and provides your equipment users with the best experience possible.

Whether you need commercial laundry parts or service, call Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH to speak with one of our expert service representatives.

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