Purchasing Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

commercial laundry machinesFind out how to buy used commercial washers and dryers at affordable prices

There is only one place to buy used commercial laundry equipment in Orlando and that is at Commercial laundries, Inc. If you are looking for the finest used coin laundry machines in Orlando that are as good as new, we have what you want. Our commercial laundry equipment has been rebuilt to perform as well as any new product, with industrial grade components that are durable and efficient. 

Instead of discarding machines because of a few worn mechanisms, we recycle our machines by adding the appropriate parts to rebuild our laundry products. When you buy pre-owned commercial laundry machines from us, you are receiving top-grade products that are guaranteed to perform well and withstand daily use. Our refurbished laundry equipment sells at competitive prices and is your best choice when selecting used coin laundry machines in Orlando.

Where to Buy Used Commercial Washers and Dryers

We are a family owned business since 1967 and we are an industry leader in the commercial laundry sector in Florida. You will find that we have some of the finest laundry equipment on the market today that is equipped with the latest technological and mechanical advancements to provide cost-effective savings and top performance.

If you are working with a tight budget and can’t afford new equipment, you can opt to buy pre-owned commercial laundry machines to keep your business in full-operation. Buying refurbished equipment is a great solution for equipping your laundry facility with the machines you need to retain your income and keep your patrons satisfied.

Our company is known for excellent products and customer service and we are dedicated to helping you sustain a successful laundry facility. We provide many important services to assist you, such as:

  • Delivery,
  • Installation,
  • Removal of old machines,
  • Maintenance and repair services,
  • And Utility Assessment Reports.

Our team of technicians and mechanics are employed by us and are required to attend education classes to learn about any new innovations in our industry.

Our team can maintain your machines and keep them working at their optimum performance level. This will reduce waste and unnecessary energy usage to save you money in utility costs. When you buy used commercial washers and dryers from us, you are getting machines with advanced engineering that provides optimal performance, using less time and utilities.

Best Brands for Used Coin Laundry Machines in Orlando

Our used coin laundry machines in Orlando are built by world famous American manufacturers like Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool and are available in coin or card operated models. You can select front and top loading models and we also carry stackable equipment for facilities with a limited amount of space.

All of our machines are Energy Star certified to bring you significant savings in utility costs. Our machines are designed to use less water, detergent and energy yet still provide an excellent laundry outcome. You will be making a smart business move when you buy used commercial laundry equipment in Orlando from us.

We are proud of the many business partnerships we have established over the years with our clients, and their word-of-mouth recommendations to other business owners. It would be our pleasure to serve you also and provide you with the quality products and services that you deserve.

For more information about our used coin laundry machines in Orlando, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 407- 986-1410.

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