Commercial Laundry Machines for Sale in Orlando

Commercial Laundries has the best commercial laundry machines for sale in the Orlando area

Commercial laundry machines for sale

Commercial Laundries Orlando has the premium washers and dryers you are searching for and the support and services to keep them running efficiently and successfully. Orlando commercial laundry machines are easy to come by, but it’s essential to do your research on both products and providers. Quality machines will go a long way and are worth the investment. You and your residents will appreciate the durability and gentleness of well-crafted equipment. Commercial Laundries Orlando is the local distributor you can trust regarding durability and dependability when looking for commercial laundry machines for sale. 

Orlando Commercial Laundry Machines 

There are many machines out there on the market to suit your specific needs. The key is finding the ones right for you and where to buy commercial washing in Orlando. Identify your management style and your demographic’s needs, and you will be one step closer. Choose the best payment option and machine model for ultimate success and profit. 

Payment System: Coin, Card, or Mobile Payment App 

Coin-op washers and dryers are the traditional approaches to self-service laundry equipment. They are well-known and well-trusted among users. Patrons enter the correct amount of monetary value and choose their wash or dry cycle. These machines work well in any facility as everyone can gain access to cash and coins. In a multi-housing complex, coin-operated equipment is best suited for temporary residents or demographics that may not have easy access to credit or debit cards. 

Card-op equipment is a step towards a more contemporary laundry facility. Residents can buy a smart laundry card and upload funds via a CleanPay kiosk located in your laundry facility. With just a swipe of the card, users can access any machine and choose to upgrade their cycle with the click of a button. Card operated equipment is convenient and offers managers greater control over their pricing. 

Mobile app payment systems are clean and secure in more ways than one. With the elimination of cash and coins altogether, security is automatically enhanced. Laundry payment applications allow users to pay by scanning a washer or dryer via Bluetooth. Contactless payment gives your patrons a cleaner laundry experience and peace of mind in these unprecedented times. 

Custom Built Commercial Laundry Machines for Sale 

There are many features to choose from with all the different payment options and machine models out there. If you can’t find the perfect fit for you and your laundry facility, Commercial Laundries Orlando is here to make your vision possible. Here we offer the option to customize your laundry machines to best match your needs and the needs of your residents. Choose from all of the great features you desire and the model you wish to have at your property.  

Protect Your Orlando Commercial Laundry Machines 

Commercial Laundries Orlando is here to help with all your commercial laundry needs. Our top of the line equipment from world-renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, will increase your curb appeal, patron satisfaction, and profits. When your equipment needs service, we have the same day and next day response times to ensure you are not at full capacity for too long. Enroll in our comprehensive service and maintenance programs to protect your investment and prevent costly repairs and replacement machines. 

Buy or Lease Orlando Commercial Laundry Machines 

Commercial Laundries’ purchasing and leasing options assure there is a financial solution for all types of budgets. Buy gently used equipment to save significantly and get all the benefits of ‘like new’ equipment. Save even more with minimal upfront costs when you lease commercial laundry equipment. All our leases are tax-deductible and come with free service and maintenance for the duration of your lease. 

Where to buy commercial washing in Orlando? Here at Commercial Laundries, we have something for everyone. Contact us today at (407) 986-1410 to get started on finding the best equipment for you and your residents. 

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