Commercial Laundry Equipment Rental

January 15, 2015 | Categories: Laundry equipment leasing

Commercial Laundry Equipment RentalAre you looking for a way to obtain powerful, reliable commercial laundry equipment without having to  fund the with upfront costs? As a fiscally responsible multifamily rental property owner, you want to keep your working capital in reserve for unexpected expenses. That’s a prudent financial strategy, especially in today’s changeable economic climate, but you don’t want to miss the benefits you would reap by opening a self-service laundry room for your tenants. Commercial Laundries’ monthly commercial laundry equipment rental program may be the answer to your dilemma. We have helped multifamily rental property owners all across South Florida with their laundry room solutions without the initial upfront cash outlay that purchasing the equipment would entail.

With Commercial Laundries’ commercial laundry equipment rental program, you gain a low, fixed cost laundry room solution for your property with no capital outlay. You retain your working capital, so you can keep it in reserve or put it to work in other areas of your property. Our laundry experts will analyze your existing space and work with you to create a strategy that works specifically for your multi-housing laundry needs. Once we determine the commercial laundry equipment that is the best fit for your laundry room space and your tenants’ laundry needs, Commercial Laundries’ skilled technicians will deliver and install the equipment at your facility at no cost to you. If your laundry equipment ever needs repairs, our standard equipment  lease agreement covers the cost of all parts and labor, which can become costly as laundry equipment ages.

Commercial Laundries carries a large variety of smart card and coin operated washers and dryers from top brand names, including Whirlpool, Speed Queen, and Maytag. Our inventory includes models to fit the laundry needs of every type of tenant residing in today’s multifamily rental properties. Our durable top load washers and dryers, with their simple, easy to understand cycles and affordable options are a perfect match for inexperienced college students and other budget-conscious tenants.  If your tenants primarily consist of upscale office workers, our energy-efficient front load commercial laundry machines, which feature sophisticated cycles that can handle a variety of fabrics without damage, will be your best choice. Our stack dryers deliver fast spinning cycles that dry clothes quickly, providing full size power in half the space of standard machines to turn unused corners and small spaces into profitable real estate.

With Commercial Laundries’ standard laundry equipment  lease agreement, you are responsible for collecting, counting, and depositing the revenue generated, and paying us an agreed upon monthly rental payment. If you would prefer to avoid these duties, Commercial Laundries also offers a Laundry Space Lease Agreement.  Under the terms of this contract, we would lease laundry room space from you. We would install commercial washers and dryers, making any repairs as needed at no cost to you. Our laundry room representatives would be responsible for collecting the revenue generated by the usage and we would send you a rental  payment pursuant to the terms of the agreement.

Commercial Laundries is the largest family owned laundry equipment provider in South Florida, with a sterling reputation for excellence that you can trust. Whether you are interested in adding a new laundry room to your facility or updating an existing one, you can count on our commercial laundry equipment rental program to make quality commercial washers and dryers an affordable option for your multifamily rental property!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to discover just how affordable quality commercial laundry equipment can be through our rental program!

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