Commercial Laundry Card Systems

March 10, 2022 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Commercial Laundry Card Systems

Laundry card systems will transform your laundry business, make your job easier, and increase your resident satisfaction.  Best of all, they are easy to install and Commercial Laundries Orlando has affordable equipment to fit your budget.

Card operated laundry machines will bring many advantages to your laundry amenity and how you manage it.  And when it comes to your residents, they will appreciate your attention to their needs and all the new conveniences laundry card systems will add to laundry day.  Card operated washers and dryers are easy to install and user-friendly.  With Commercial Laundries Orlando’s quick and free installation, you will have your cashless laundry room up and running in no time.

How Do Laundry Card Systems Work?

Card laundry equipment is simple to install, easy to use, and brings numerous advantages to both laundry business owners and their patrons.  After we determine the number of machines you need and the best configuration for your equipment install, our skilled technicians will deliver, install, and test your machines to ensure that they are operating efficiently.

To get started, your patrons purchase a smart laundry card from the loyalty card kiosk located in your laundry facility and upload credit to their card.  From there, they swipe their laundry card to make purchases, freeing themselves from collecting coins on laundry day.  It’s as simple as that.

To make your laundry room even more advanced and versatile, we have a hybrid system that accepts coins, cards, and mobile payments.  With mobile laundry payment, your patrons can use their smartphones to make laundry payments.  They simply download the Laundryvalue app, upload funds to their mobile wallet, and scan the QR code located on your washers and dryers.  Through the phone app, customers can make electronic payments, track their laundry, and enjoy contactless payments.

What are the Benefits of Card Operated Equipment?

Whatever laundry business you own, laundry card systems and electronic payments make multihousing laundry, laundromat equipment, and on premises laundry rooms easier to manage.

For Property Owners and Managers:

  • Card and electronic payment systems give business owners and laundry managers transparency into their laundry business, allowing them to track profits in real-time.
  • View patron preferences and customer loyalty to offer promotions and discounts to increase revenue. With loyalty programs, your patrons are more likely to stay on-site and use your on-premises laundry amenity.
  • Get messages and alerts on machine issues to take care of problems immediately and avoid costly damage and replacements.
  • With the elimination of coin laundry, your new laundry solution will have fewer labor costs and increased security.

For Residents and Guests:

  • A new card laundry solution that accepts a card payment, a phone app, or a mobile wallet will give your patrons more purchasing options leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty.
  • With cards and mobile payment, customers can use the Laundryvalue app to pay for their laundry, track remaining wash and dry cycle time, and search for machine availability, all from the convenience of their smartphone.
  • Laundry card payment will boost security and give your patrons peace of mind.

Where to Find Dependable Card Laundry Machines?

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have affordable card-operated laundry equipment payment solutions for all different types of budgets.  Get brand new washers and dryers or purchase used commercial laundry equipment to save on funding.  For even greater savings, lease your card-op equipment and get free service and maintenance to help you with upkeep.

Get new or updated electronic payment systems with our help and increase revenue.  Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 to get started.

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