Commercial Laundries Sales and Service

March 10, 2016 | Categories: Laundry Equipment Services

Learn how Commercial Laundries’ sales and service options can upgrade your property or business.

Commercial Laundries Sales and ServiceIf you are a multi-housing property owner or the owner of another structure requiring commercial laundries sales and service, it is important to find the right laundry company to partner with in order to run your laundry facility as best as possible. At Commercial Laundries, we have made a solid name for ourselves over the years as a leader in in the laundry industry. We strive to offer our clients dependable and top-quality service, from installation and setup to maintenance, repairs and more. Our mission is to provide quality products and knowledgeable technicians and sales representatives who seek to form a relationship with each client.

Many of our clients appreciate the fact that we offer both commercial laundry leases and sales options. For those who do not want to spend a large amount of money out of pocket, our lease programs offer an incredible option. Plus, each lease program can be customized to your properties laundry needs, space available, tenant requirements, your budget, how much revenue you are seeking to earn and more. Every property is unique, which is why your sales or lease program needs to be just as distinctive. If you are new to the commercial laundry industry, our trusted representatives will discuss with you the various options available to you such as coin and card operated machines, in addition to top loading, front loading and stackable selections. Each one of these options offers their own specific benefits and price points.

Clients can always find what they are looking for in our stocked, 15,000 square foot warehouse that is full of not just new and used equipment but also a wide selection of parts. We can ship items to you or deliver them locally if you are within Miami or Broward County.

At Commercial Laundry, we pride ourselves on delivering top tier customer service. Building a relationship with each customer is important to us. Since 1967, countless businesses and customers have continued to work with us and refer us to their friends and family because of our customer-centric approach.

If your commercial laundry equipment is never in need of service or maintenance, our trained and insured mechanics and technicians will be at your service. Our staff continually keeps up to date on the latest in commercial laundry technology through continuing education classes and hands-on training courses in order to add on to their already extraordinary knowledge base. And for our lease clients, keep in mind that all service and maintenance needs are completed at no charge to you, in order to keep your machinery in top working order.

Last but certainly not least, prospective clients can call us at any time and make an appointment for our Utility Assessment Report. This free review will be conducted by one of our experienced laundry professionals who can help you save money and build profit by outlining where inefficiencies may be occurring in your current setup. Our assessment of the current laundry operation is free of charge and does not require you to purchase anything from us. We do this as a courtesy to our clients to make sure their operation is working at optimal efficiency.

Call Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH and learn more about our sales, lease and service options. From revamping your current laundry operation to installing a new onsite commercial laundry facility, our skilled team members look forward to working with you and helping you add an additional revenue stream to your business.

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