Why Choose Commercial Laundries? Here are the Reasons

November 8, 2017 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

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Do you have an on-site laundry facility for your business or multi-housing property? If you do, then you know how important it is to your business. You cannot run a successful laundry facility without dependable machines, mechanics and technicians. You can have everything you need for your facility when you choose Commercial Laundries as your vendor.

We have been serving Florida for many years and we know the commercial laundry business inside and out. When you decide to become our partner you receive our knowledge and expertise in managing a cost-effective and efficient facility. We provide quality commercial washers and dryers plus a host of services to support your business. Here are a number of reasons why you should choose Commercial Laundries:


  1. You will receive the best commercial washers and dryers, equipped with the latest technology that provides a higher laundry performance level in a shorter cycle time.


  1. Your patrons will love our state of the art coin op washer and dryer units with user-friendly digital dashboards that are easy to read and operate.


  1. All of our commercial laundry machines are Energy Star certified to provide a cost-effective and efficient performance. Waste is eliminated and gas, electric, sewer and water costs are reduced.


  1. Commercial Laundries provides many services that include: commercial washers and dryers for sale or lease, bi-lingual customer service, delivery, installation, regular maintenance visits, repairs services, and Utility Assessment Reports. We maintain a 15,000 square foot warehouse filled with card and coin op machines and parts, so that we have the resources available when our clients need them. If you are in need of repairs, they are performed in a timely manner so that your facility is always operating at full capacity.


  1. Commercial Laundries employs our own team of technicians and mechanics who are expertly trained and fully licensed and insured. Our team attends hands-on continuing education classes to stay abreast of the latest advancements in our industry. Our technicians can maintain your machines so that they are performing at their peak level while reducing waste and excess energy usage. Your laundry facility will be in good hands and you will have peace of mind knowing that your commercial washers and dryers are operating at their full potential.


  1. Having reliable commercial washers and dryers in your facility is important to your multi-housing property business, and will increase tenant retention and also attract new tenants. Our laundry equipment, by famous brands such as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen, is reliable and built to endure the continuous use of a commercial laundry facility. Your tenants will love our machines and the great laundry outcome they produce.


  1. Our commercial laundries equipment has high speed agitators and spin cycles for quality performance in a shorter cycle time. Each coin op washer is equipped with stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs to gently move the laundry around the machine to avoid pulls or snags.


  1. All of our dryers are equipped with a powerful blower system to dry laundry quickly, and some models have reversible doors for easy installation.


  1. Our commercial washers and dryers are available in front and top loading models and we also carry stackable machines for facilities with a limited amount of available space.


  1. We carry new and used commercial laundries equipment for purchase at competitive prices. If you have a tight budget, we also offer tax-deductible lease options that can be customized to meet your budget and laundry facility needs. All leased machines receive complimentary maintenance and repair services for the lifetime of the lease contract.


We are committed to helping you run a successful commercial laundry business. To learn more about our great products and services, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 305-699-3970.

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