Commercial Laundries: Best Washing Machines to Buy

August 4, 2022 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines and Equipment

Commercial Laundries Best Washing Machines to Buy

Purchasing commercial on-premise laundry equipment is an investment. Naturally, you want to buy reliable commercial laundry machines for your Miami apartment complex or multi-housing property. Today, Miami property building managers and owners have options with commercial laundry equipment. Whether you’re in the market for coin-operated laundry machines or card-operated laundry equipment, you can expect an excellent selection from Commercial Laundries Inc., allowing you to purchase what you need for your multi-housing laundry facility.

  Commercial Washing Machines and Dryers: Cost

When it comes to cost, commercial laundry machines are generally more expensive than home models. That’s because they have more robust designs for functioning optimally in a high-traffic commercial setting. Even so, many models like Speed Queens have a reputation for lasting up to 25 years. High-quality commercial washers and dryers are an investment in your business and, as such, are important assets. In that regard, your smart washer and electric dryers can help pay for themselves once you put them to work at your multi-housing apartment building or condominium.

  Coin-Laundry Machines vs. Card-Operated Washers and Dryers?

As you shop for washer and dryer models in Miami, you’ll need to decide whether to buy laundry machines with coin slides or smart-laundry machines that are card operated. Many people prefer a laundry app that allows you to load money onto a card for laundry cycle use. On the other hand, some facilities continue to rely on coin-operated washing machines and commercial stack dryers. Consider the clientele at your Miami apartment building or on-premise laundry facility when making this choice.

  Top Load Washer or Front Load Dryer? Choosing Commercial Laundry Models

At Commerical Laundries, we offer different models of washers and dryers to choose from. Is a front load washer ideal for your setting? Are you in the market for commercial top load washers? If you offer laundry services in Miami, you’ll want to consider the space of your unit. Stacked washer-dryer machines might work best for you, allowing you to maximize the space of your customer or guest laundry facility. Commercial Laundries specialists are here to help you select on-premise laundry washers and dryers that meet your needs and space requirements. Give our team a call today for a FREE quote.

  Energy-Efficient Commercial Washers and Dryers

Be sure to consider Energy Star ratings when choosing between washers, dryers, and other equipment for your laundry facility. Energy-efficient, commercial laundry equipment will reduce your energy and water costs, so you can maximize your profits. Laundry machines with a good Energy Star rating may cost more initially, but their energy savings will allow you to recoup their expense.

Keep these considerations in mind as you shop for coin-operated or card-operated laundry equipment in Miami for your apartment building, hotel, multi-housing complex, or other laundry facilities you may own. If owning is not in the plan, you might consider leasing commercial laundry machines. Commercial Laundries Inc. is here to supply you with any of your laundry needs! Give us a call today at 855-254-9274 for a FREE quote.

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