Coinless Laundry Equipment Benefits

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Discover How to Prosper with Coinless Laundry Systems From The Laundry Experts.

Are you interested in upgrading your commercial laundry facility with a coinless laundry system? Many commercial laundry business owners agree that the new card technology brings numerous advantages to both them and their patrons. You may want to install a few of our coinless laundry machines in your facility as a test run, and discover how well they are received and appreciated. 

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Commercial Laundry Convenience and Service

Your patrons will not have to collect coins to clean their laundry, all they need is their laundry credit card. A patron’s card will be debited each time they use it on a card-op machine, and the data will be recorded and stored electronically. When you have to perform bookkeeping tasks, all you have to do is simply retrieve the data. You will no longer have to go to each machine to collect coins, count them and bring them to the bank. Your patrons will value how simple our card operated commercial laundry equipment is to use. Patrons can swipe their card through the card scanner on the machine, and the machine will be engaged for use. When a card has to be re-credited, your patron can use cash, or a debit/credit card at the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility.

Our coinless laundry system also gives you the ability to increase your prices in small increments per laundry load without alarming your patrons with higher increases. You will also be able to design price schedules for different times of the day, or days of the week. Customized pricing allows you to lower prices on off days and increase prices on peak laundry days. This helps to avoid bottlenecks, and having your patrons wait for available machines.

Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment

You may be interested in replacing old machines, or streamlining your facility with matching machines. Here at Commercial Laundries we carry an extensive inventory of fine commercial laundry equipment in card or coin operated formats, built by such famous manufacturers like Whirlpool, Speed Queen, and Maytag.

Our manufacturers are known for their innovative engineering and superior laundry products that are built to last and sustain rigorous daily use. You will discover that our machines require less repair services than other brands because they are built with metal components instead of plastic.

You can select from front and top loading models and all of our commercial laundry equipment is Energy Star certified to provide energy efficiency that delivers substantial savings in water, gas and electric costs. You can see a considerable wastewater reduction of up to 50 percent, and up to a 30 percent reduction in hot water usage. The advanced engineering of our new and used coin operated washer and dryer units provide optimal savings in utilities, and also delivers an excellent performance level that your patrons will love.

Another great feature of our new and used coin operated washers is the reduced cycle timing with quick and powerful agitation and extraction features that deliver a cleaner laundry outcome. We also carry ADA compliant machines that are specifically designed to serve the handicapped community. In addition to that, we also have space saving stackable commercial laundry equipment for small areas.

Affordable Commercial Laundry Solutions

If you are struggling with a tight budget at the moment, but need replacement machines, we offer affordable solutions to your problem. If you cannot afford new laundry equipment, we carry used coin operated washer and dryer equipment that is rebuilt to perform like new machines.

Another option that may interest you is our very popular leasing program. You can get the machines you need now with a tax-deductible lease, and your leased machines will pay for themselves. As our leasing partner, you receive complimentary maintenance and repair services on all leased machines for the lifetime of the lease contract.

To learn more about our coinless laundry systems, other products and services, contact Commercial Laundries today at: 305-699-2957.

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