Coin Operated Washing Machines in Fort Myers

Have an affordable laundry facility that excites tenants with coin operated washing machines in Fort Myers from Commercial Laundries.

Coin Operated Washing Machines in Fort MyersFor those of you who own a retail laundry service facility such as a Laundromat, or operate an on-site laundry facility for a multi-housing rental property, hotel, condominium or student housing, you know the importance of keeping your patrons happy. Client and tenant retention is usually based on accommodating them with machines that provide dependable, quality service to ease the burden of their laundry tasks.  Commercial Laundries can help to equip and maintain service to your client base with the finest coin operated washing machines in Fort Myers. We carry a wide range of brands and models from such top tier manufacturers as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen. Our laundry equipment and the services we offer will be an asset to your business and relieve you of added worry or stress about problems you may encounter in your facility. There is no job that we can’t handle when it comes to the commercial laundry sector. For years, our company has enjoyed an excellent reputation for serving thousands of commercial laundry establishments across the State of Florida.

If you are in need of coin operated washing machines in Fort Myers, we can easily accommodate your needs. We carry both new and used laundry machines at competitive pricing so that you can achieve all your goals within your budget. Our coin laundry machines for sale come in front and top loaders and also in stackables for facilities with a limited amount of available space. We can show you how to effectively set up your facility and what products would best suit your needs. All of our machines are Energy Star rated to save you money on water, gas and electric while reducing waste. And our machines are DOE compliant to be easily accessible for use to the handicapped, with touchpad display panels and easy to reach coin vaults.

You will be able to accommodate your entire patron’s or tenant’s laundry needs with a variety of our used coin operated washer and dryer. Our machines also offer the latest in technological advances to create a quality laundry service performance, while reducing cycle timing. Some dryer models offer reversible doors for easy set up in your facility and are equipped with quiet high-powered blower systems. You patrons and tenants will surely have a pleasant laundry experience with our dependable and efficient machines, and your facility will also generate extra income for you.

In addition to great equipment, we also offer skilled technicians. Our service technicians will keep your facility operating smoothly, and any problems will be addressed in a quick and timely manner. We do not sub-contract technicians or mechanics but we employ and insure our own. And we make sure that they attend hands-on continuing education classes to remain knowledgeable of all technical advancements in our industry. There is no problem too big or small that our technicians cannot handle, and we always house a large stock of laundry equipment and parts in our 15,000 square foot warehouse to equip them with what they need to offer you the finest service. Your laundry facility will be humming with activity with our dependable washers and dryers in Fort Myers.

As one of our clients, you can also receive a free Utility Assessment Report that will identify any problems in your commercial laundry facility. Perhaps one of your machines is not performing properly, adding to additional wear and tear on the lifetime of the machine and also causing an increase in water and energy usage. Water lines and dryer vents can become clogged and create a risk for flooding or fire. Washing machine agitators and extractors may be sluggish, causing poor performance. There are many things that can stand in the way of running a successful laundry facility. Your utility report will outline problems and recommend solutions, and it is up to you to decide if you want to follow through. The bottom line is that it will be to your benefit to address problems when your machines are operating at their peak level of performance.

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