Looking for a Coin Operated Washer in Fort Myers? Reasons to Buy From Commercial Laundries Fort Myers

August 3, 2017 | Categories: Coin Operated Laundry Equipment , fort myers

Looking for the best coin operated washer and dryers in Fort Myers? Find what you need at Commercial Laundries

Coin Operated WasherWho can you trust to get the best coin operated washer and dryer equipment? Commercial Laundries is the leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida serving the commercial and educational industries. We are known for our excellent reputation of supplying the finest commercial laundry equipment and services. Currently, we maintain and operate laundry equipment at more than 1,000 locations throughout the State and are committed to protecting Florida’s environment by using environmentally responsible laundry equipment and parts. If you are looking for coin operated washer and dryer laundry equipment from a reputable company, we are here to serve you.

Florida has been committed to creating sustainable green building for quite some time now, with the vision of developing sustainable cities throughout the State. This initiative will protect the natural environment so that it can continue to support the growing population of Florida. Green buildings are equipped with sustainable and cost-effective technology, equipment, and products that support the environment by reducing energy usage and minimizing waste. Our products, here at Commercial Laundries, do just that. Our commercial laundries products are Energy Star certified to bring you significant savings in water, electric and gas costs. By equipping your business with green products, you are increasing the value of your business and property. These are just some of the many reasons why you should buy from Commercial Laundries:

  1. We carry coin operated washer and dryer units in front and top loading models that are equipped with the latest technological advancements to save time and money, and reduce waste.
  2. We carry new or refurbished equipment for commercial laundries. Our products may contain recycled parts, and we back up our products with warrantees.
  3. Technological advancements include enhanced agitation and extraction features in our washers that improves laundry outcome in a shorter amount of time, using less energy.
  4. Our equipment for commercial laundries includes:
  • Coin operated machines built with secure, high-capacity coin vaults that hold a large amount of coins, and will not accept slugs or foreign money
  • Credit Card operated washers and dryers with the CleanPay Kiosk system
  1. Coin operated washer and dryer units are equipped with digital display panels that are easy to read and operate.
  2. We carry the best coin operated washer and dryer equipment from notable manufacturers like Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. Their products are built with durable metal components and not plastic, plus improved mechanical design makes for less wear and tear on parts.
  3. Our coin operated washer has technologically advanced performance that includes:
  • Optimized balancing technology
  • Powerful suspension system
  • High 1200 RPM spin speed extraction features
  • Individual cycle modifier keys
  • Wash alert TM with Service Alert capability
  • Integrated meter case
  • Multi-level vend pricing

At Commercial Laundries we not only have the best coin operated washer and dryer equipment, we also provide many services such as: equipment delivery, installation, removal of old machines, maintenance visits, repair services and Utility Assessment Reports. Our machines are built to endure the rigors of continuous daily use, and have great technological features that improve laundry performance and save time and money too. We also carry DOE compliant laundry equipment that provides easy access to the handicapped community.

Among the many businesses that we serve are hospitals, schools, multi-rental properties, hotels, senior housing, institutions and condominiums. We currently maintain three offices in Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Plus we have a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with laundry equipment and parts, so that we can serve our clients with the resources they need to operate a successful laundry facility.

To learn more about us and our coin operated washer and dryer units, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 239-307-0623.

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