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coin operated washer and dryer for saleHave you been searching for a coin operated washer and dryer for sale? Commercial Laundries can supply you with quality laundry equipment, services, and knowledge to create an on-site self-service laundry room. As the astute owner of a Broward multifamily rental housing property, you are eager to open an on-site self-service laundry room because it would allow you to offer your tenants a number of valuable benefits while providing you with an additional organic revenue stream. Your property management duties keep you busy, however, and you have never managed a laundry room before. Commercial Laundries is here to help! As the largest family owned laundry equipment provider in Broward, Commercial Laundries has the experience, knowledge, and quality laundry equipment you need to create a successful on-site laundry room solution. Our laundry room experts will help you choose the right makes and models from our large selection of affordable new and used commercial laundry equipment to create a customized laundry room solution specifically suited to meet your tenants’ laundry needs.

Whether you are the owner of an upscale condominium complex in Pembroke Pines, a Ft. Lauderdale college dormitory, or a small apartment building in the heart of downtown Miami, Commercial Laundries can help you create an easy to own laundry room that your tenants will appreciate. Our laundry experts will determine the best location on your property for your laundry room, and then carefully evaluate your tenants to determine their laundry needs. We will then present you with our completed assessment outlining everything you need to create your laundry room, including the specific commercial washer and dryer models that are best suited to meet your tenants’ needs and the payment options that will provide your tenants with the greatest security and convenience.

If you are looking for commercial laundry equipment to update your laundry room or replace older washers and dryers that are no longer offering peak performance, come browse Commercial Laundries’ inventory of new and used commercial laundry machines in Broward that includes:

  • Energy-Efficient Front Load Washers and Dryers
    With sophisticated cycles and load options that protect fine fabrics from wear and tear, Commercial Laundries’ energy-efficient front load washers and dryers are the ideal laundry machines for Broward’s career-minded, ecologically-aware condo residents. Combined with our smart card payment system, these laundry machines provide a convenience and efficiency that fits the on-the-go lifestyle of busy Broward professionals.
  • Durable Top Load Laundry Equipment
    Offering simple, easy to understand cycles and reliable performance even under constant, heavy use conditions, our Top Load washers and dryers are ideally suited for Broward college dorms. Choose from traditional coin operated machines or our card operated laundry machines, which allow parents to load money onto students’ laundry room smart cards so their students cannot divert the funds to other purposes.
  • Space-saving Stack Dryer Combos
    Broward apartment building owners needing small laundry solutions will appreciate Commercial Laundries’ stack dryers, which deliver full size performance in half the space of conventional machines. With fast cycles and efficient operation, stack dryers can be an asset in any Broward laundry room, turning an unused corner or space into profitable real estate.

Commercial Laundries offers flexible purchasing and leasing options, including our unique Laundry Space Lease that is ideal for first-time laundry room owners – we install the laundry machines, collect the revenue, and pay you an agreed upon amount pursuant to the terms of the agreement. When you add in our skilled, full-time repair technicians, it is easy to see how Commercial Laundries has become Broward’s leading laundry equipment provider! Call the dedicated laundry room experts at Commercial Laundries to discover just how easy and profitable it can be to open your own on-site self-service laundry room solution!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 for coin operated washer and dryer for sale and expert laundry room advice from Broward’s leading laundry room provider!

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