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Coin Op WashersAre you searching for a way to increase the appeal of your rental housing property? Whether you have an apartment building, condominium complex, college dormitory, or other multifamily rental housing property, adding a self-service coin operated laundry room is an ideal way to make your property a more appealing option for prospective tenants.  Choosing the right coin operated washers for your property is the key to a successful self-service laundry room, so you should consider all the factors before finalizing your selection. The laundry experts at Commercial Laundries are ready to assist you in the selection process; we will come to your property and carefully assess your laundry room location, the laundry needs of your tenants, and your financial expectations to determine the best coin operated washers to meet your particular needs.

Commercial Laundries’ coin op washers come in a variety of models to fit every self-service laundry room situation. For budget-conscious tenants or residents who are inexperienced at laundering clothes, our durable top load washers feature simple, easy to understand cycles and affordable options while providing reliable performance even in heavy use conditions. For more upscale condo dwellers, environmentally conscious tenants, and busy families on-the-go, our front load coin op washers are the ideal choice. Sophisticated cycle options can handle a variety of fabrics without damage, while energy-efficient operation cleans clothes quickly and effectively, saving you money on utility bills. Commercial Laundries offers dryers to match our coin op washer models, as well as stack dryers that offer full-size performance in half the size of conventional laundry machines.

Some of Commercial Laundries’ coin operated washing machines offer available tiered pricing options that give you the freedom to adjust the price of loads as you wish. You can set prices according to cycle, day, time of day, week, and other options. This feature proves invaluable in laundry rooms that develop bottlenecks at prime washing times; by adjusting prices and lowering costs when the laundry room is empty, you can control laundry room traffic and eliminate congestion during the most popular laundry times.

Commercial Laundries offers a wide selection of new and used coin operated laundry machines manufactured by Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool, so you know you will be getting a quality laundry machine from one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. All of our coin op washers come with a warranty; our new Speed Queen and Whirlpool washers come with a 3 year warranty; our Maytag washers are protected by a full 5 year warranty; even our used washers come with a limited warranty. Our pre-owned coin op washers are all tested to ensure they are in good  working condition before we offer them for sale; with their eminently affordable price, they may be the ideal solution for property owners who are trying to minimize their financial investment.

If even our used washers require more of a financial investment than you are prepared to make at this time, Commercial Laundries offers two leasing programs. With our standard Laundry Equipment Lease, we deliver and install commercial coin op washers and dryers and pay for any needed laundry equipment repair services. You are responsible for collecting and depositing the revenue generated by the laundry machines; there are no up-front costs to pay, just a set monthly lease payment for an agreed period of time. Commercial Laundries’ popular Laundry Space Lease further simplifies your laundry room operation; we lease space for a laundry room at your property, install commercial coin operated laundry equipment, collect the revenue generated by the usage, and send you a rental payment pursuant to the terms of the agreement.

With our wide variety of machine models and flexible leasing and purchasing options, Commercial Laundries is certain to have the right coin op washers to fit your particular self-service laundry room solution!

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