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June 4, 2015 | Categories: Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Coin Laundry Rental MachinesAll business owners want to see their business running like a well-oiled machine with as few complications as possible. If you are a business owner of rental properties such as apartments, condominiums, student or senior housing you may be thinking of investing in an on-site laundry facility. By offering such a facility on your property, you are increasing the potential for satisfied tenants with better retention rates. Dirty laundry is a fact of life, and you would be making the task easier for your tenants with an on-site laundry facility. This desirable amenity relieves your tenants from hauling heavy loads of laundry to and from an outside facility, saving energy and money. It also provides a safer environment and saves tenants time in travel. Tenants can do their laundry in their spare time and don’t have to worry about going outside during inclement weather. By offering a laundry facility with traditional coin-operated washing machines and dryers, you are not only serving your tenants needs but also your own by increasing your revenue.


Commercial Laundries, Inc. is Florida’s largest family owned coin and card operated laundry solutions provider catering to the multi-housing industry since 1967. We offer customized lease agreements to fit your needs and goals. Our professionally trained experts and dedicated staff will help you set up your laundry facility by analyzing available space, your budget and the laundry needs of your tenants. Based on this information our team will help you select the correct models and brands suitable to your needs.

Services that we offer include:


  • High Performance and Quality Machines – Commercial Laundries offers durable and reliable coin-operated laundry machines. Our top line proven brands include Maytag, Speed Queen Whirlpool. Your tenants will appreciate the ease of use and effectiveness of our machines.
  • Coin Vault Size – We offer high capacity coin boxes for safe storage until you are able to come and collect your money at your convenience.
  • Types of Coin Laundry Equipment – We offer a wide range of equipment to best suit your space. Models include top and front loaders and stackable washers and dryers. You have multiple options to offer your tenants from basic equipment with lower load prices to more advanced equipment that allows you to customize price loads according to the day or time of the week.
  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions – Our coin-operated laundry equipment is designed to be energy efficient by reducing the usage of electricity, gas, water.
  • Dependable Staff – Our team of trained and certified dispatch technicians are dedicated and able to offer you superior response times should a problem arise.
  • Security – Commercial Laundries offers you the latest technology in coin-operated laundry equipment. We have machines with built-in tamper proof technology that will not accept slugs or foreign currency. This technology offers you peace of mind and assures you that your tenants are paying for the services that you provide.
  • Warranties and Repair Services – Our Company provides a range of warranties depending upon the equipment that you choose to use. Customer service is our top priority and we understand your needs and expectations. Our customer service representatives speak both English and Spanish and will help you schedule a service call usually within one business day.


Commercial Laundries also provides free local delivery and installation, plus removal of old equipment. Take the first step in building your own on-site laundry facility through rental washers and dryers from a trusted and experienced company. When you partner with us and lease our coin-operated laundry equipment you are building your business. Your new venture will generate additional income for you and will provide upgraded property improvement amenities for your tenants.


Contact Commercial Laundries at 305-592-7990 and get ready to attract new tenants and increase your retention rate with coin laundry rental machines.

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