My Coin Laundry Machine Broke:  Get it Repaired Now


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my coin laundry machine broke

A finicky machine is not only frustrating, but it is time-consuming and costly. If you find yourself in a jam with your broken coin-operated laundry machine, there are some quick and easy fixes you can try to avoid calling a maintenance specialist. If you have exhausted all measures or you simply need someone who is fast and dependable, contact us right away at (407) 986-1410 or click here for commercial laundry repair service near me if you’re asking yourself why my coin laundry machine broke.

Some Quick Solutions 

If your washer or dryer is acting up or has stopped working, there are several simple things you can try for fast troubleshooting. First things first, always consult your owner’s manual for your specific machine and its requirements. It would help if you kept an eye on your appliances and the necessary upkeep to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Ensure your commercial laundry equipment is up to date with all regular maintenance and servicing to prevent voiding your warranty. Here are some common issues you may run into and solutions. 

Washer or dryer will not turn on or start: First, check all plugs, outlets, and circuit breakers. Play around with different settings to see if it is not a malfunction with one particular cycle. 

Washer does not fill or issues with water level:

  1. Check all hoses and connections.
  2. Make sure there isn’t a leak or an obstruction.
  3. Make sure hoses and belts are in good condition and have been changed routinely.  

If the washer has not adequately drained, or the wash cycle has been interrupted or stopped. Please fill up the washer, turn it off, and watch it drain. If draining takes a long time, there may be a clog or obstruction in the drainpipe or hose. Suppose there is a leaking machine or failure to drain. Then check belts, hoses, and pipes for wear and tear, tightness, and clogs. If you find excessive noise or vibration, make sure to evaluate the suspension and machine level.  

When to Call a Professional 

Any time you are in over your head or unfamiliar with your machine’s makeup or needs, call on a professional to help diagnose and solve an issue. Card and coin-operated laundry machine repair can be tricky when dealing with an electrical or internal problem. 

Importance of Quick and Reliable Repairs 

Never wait too long to have your troubling machine looked at by an expert. Downed machines can cost you excessively in utilities and customer satisfaction. Choose a service company that offers speedy card and coin-operated laundry machine repair by well-trained technicians.  

What to Expect from Commercial Laundries Orlando 

Commercial Laundries Orlando is your trustworthy and dependable local commercial laundry machine service company with nearly five decades of experience. 

· Quick and dependable repairs and services 

· Same day or next day response time 

· Knowledgeable and expert technicians 

· Efficient and thorough card and coin-operated laundry machine repair 

· Quality replacement parts and machines 

· Attentive customer service and care 

Invest in Preventative Care 

If you are looking for a commercial laundry repair service near me, look no further. Commercial Laundries Orlando has been servicing the Orlando commercial laundry sector since 1972. Our trusted team of technicians is ready and standing by to assist you with whatever issue you face. We even have a preventative service and maintenance program to help you with your machines’ upkeep to avoid unnecessary repairs. One of our skilled technicians will monitor your equipment and perform routine servicing to keep them operating efficiently. 

Never wonder again who to call when you are in a pickle. Next time you find yourself saying, my coin laundry machine broke, call on the professionals at Commercial Laundries Orlando at (407) 986-1410, and we will send out an experienced technician to your site right away. 

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